Ahh... Stop, stop stop!745
A tree? No of course not! I am an elf, but through deep magic, I took on the form of a tree. It allowed me to hide, to stay safe.744
You know of Lord Iorwerth?739
I see. Where is Baxtorian?736
Then it is time for me to uproot. I will head there at once.733
Hello there young one. Interested in getting your hands dirty?31
Ah don't worry, it's nothing sinister. We leave that kind of thing to clan Iorwerth. I speak in a more literal sense, of the ground beneath us and the trees over us.30
Indeed. We maintain the farms and manage the trees. The produce we grow goes to the Meilyr clan to feed the city and the wood we provide is used by the Ithell clan in construction.28
Feel free to join us. Our farming patches are open to you, as is our sawmill.27
This is a dark place we've come to. Fitting I suppose, for this is to be our darkest hour.20
Possibly, I suspect it was here long before her though. And whatever happens today, I'm sure it will remain for long after.20
It's strange to be an elf again. I spent so long living as a tree I almost forgot what my true form felt like.6
Hmmm. Now there's an interesting thought...6
You should go and speak with Baxtorian. Battle is upon us.2