What do you need citizen?1,051
Excellent. Consider your research approved. If you require assistance with your work, I'd recommend talking to Historian Duffy on Quidamortem. He's been researching the mountain for a while.1,051
Quite right. Quidamortem is a dangerous place and I don't want to be ordering my troops on any unnecessary rescue missions.1,050
They will be made aware. But only after I have reviewed the discoveries first.1,050
Fair enough. I will approve your research, on one condition.1,048
If you discover anything, you will bring it to me first. King Shayzien VII was my ancestor and I want to be made aware of any discoveries that would present him in a bad light.1,047
Do you have the parcel citizen?1,025
Gone? That's not good.995
I'll open an investigation into this immediately. Hopefully we can find out what happened to Phileas.995
I'm afraid that without that parcel we don't have anything to link King Shayzien VII to your discoveries.993
You've done enough for now citizen. I'll be in touch if we require your assistance again. For now, here is payment for your time.992
How is your research going citizen?991
What does that mean?991
You believe they were the creation of my ancestor?990
How so?990
Need anything else citizen?990
But we don't have proof?987
So you claim. However, you never actually told me where this evidence came from.987
A parcel? King Shayzien VII's journal was delivered in a parcel? Who sent it?987
Well you need to find out. Go to Phileas Rimor and retrieve this parcel. I need to see it for myself.986
So, tell me about your research.740
However, the rest of your research is still valid. I'll contact the research team on the mountain and make sure their discoveries are documented in the Library.708
Good luck citizen.693
Farewell citizen.253
Anything else I can help you with citizen?150
Our war plans? I'm afraid most of that is confidential.87
Absolutely, we've pushed the Lizardmen back to the point where we're finally able to allow citizens such as yourself into the region.84
What I can tell you is that our main focus right now is the Lizardman threat. We've moved a great number of troops into the Kebos Lowlands to combat the issue.76
Well citizen, you are speaking to Lord Shiro Shayzien. I am the lord of Shayzien and the Commander-in-chief of the Shayzien army.61
Most citizens of Shayzien are part of the Shayzien army in some form or other. We are responsible for defending Kourend against external and internal threats.61
Since my father passed away four years ago. He was a good man who took the defence of Kourend very seriously. I have been working hard to continue his legacy.60
Externally, we have recently being dealing with increased Lizardman activity. We've also been keeping a close eye on Varlamore to the south, just in case they try anything.56
By doing what we do best citizen. There's no threat that can't be defeated by a Shayzien soldier with a sword in their hand.56
How's your expedition citizen?52
Internally, we have seen a rise in gang crime across the kingdom. It seems to be especially prevalent in Port Piscarilius.44
Here citizen, your reward for helping with the expedition.38
Well go and fetch it then. I need to see it for myself.31
Well let me know once you've discovered something.25
Well if you require assistance, I'd recommend talking to Historian Duffy on Quidamortem. He's been researching the mountain for a while.25
Can't talk right now citizen. I'm very busy.15