You're the one that saved our people. On behalf of all of Arceuus, I thank you.1,163
It seems so. A short while ago I felt the power of the Dark Altar return to normal levels. I was safely able to stop my ritual and let the Altar work on its own again.1,161
Well that's no surprise, the Tasakaal seem to feel that only they deserve immortality. It's rather hypocritical of them. It clearly didn't stop them helping you though.1,161
Such is their way. They act superior to us, but the reality is they'll work with anyone if they think it will further their aims.1,161
A device? What was it?1,161
The Tasakaal view everyone who isn't one of them as a mere mortal, even those of us who have also achieved immortality. That doesn't narrow down the options very much.1,160
Now, can I help you further?1,156
Now tell me, what was the cause of this and how did you stop it?839
So how did they help you?839
This is most concerning though. If someone deliberately sabotaged the Altar, who knows what else they might do. I'll have someone recover the remains of this device. Maybe we can work out where it came from.833
For now though, I'd like to once again thank you for your help. Today was a dark day for our people but without you it would have been our end. Please accept these gifts, they are the least you deserve.789
I had one of my people recover the remains of that device. The one that was absorbing the Dark Altars power.125
We're performing tests to see if we can learn more about it. We haven't made any meaningful progress yet though.109
It was a thousand years ago, during the time of King Byrne II. I went to my people and shared the secrets of immortality with them.108
No. It was granted to us by the Tasakaal. They are ancient beings, ones that make us seem like mere children.106
Good day friend.105
The events that led to the Ascent of Arceuus are more complicated than even the Tasakaal know. But that is a story for another day.103
I admit, the idea of someone sabotaging the Altar is more than a bit concerning. I hope we can make some progress soon.102
Once we've learnt more about it, we'll be in a better position to determine our next move.98
Not all of them accepted this gift of course, as was their right. Those that did, were granted new bodies to house their souls. These bodies are sustained by the Dark Altar.92
Their age and experience have granted them knowledge over life and death that we can only dream of.88
I am Trobin Arceuus, Lord of Arceuus. It's a position I've held for a thousand years, ever since the Ascent of Arceuus.67
Indeed. I've been present at some of the most notable moments in Kourend's history.66
The freeing of souls. There are many souls that find themselves trapped here after death. My people and I do our best to release them.65
If you find something magical in Kourend, chances are it came from Arceuus. Our people have lived for a thousand years. The knowledge we've gained in that time has resulted in many a magical discovery.61
Impossible to say, the Dark Altar has been mentioned in records dating back to the earliest days of Kourend. Before then, who knows.60
No. The Ascent of Arceuus didn't occur until after Xeric's Age of Strife, hundreds of years after Kourend was formed.60
I tend to keep out of public affairs these days though. My presence is often more of a distraction than a benefit. It also means I can focus on my work in peace.56
Most of our discoveries start with the Dark Altar. It is the source of our immortality and our people dedicate their lives to studying it.54
I was there when King Agata was deposed, I was there when Kharedst the Builder opened Kourend Castle and I was there when Emperor Imafore was executed.53
Our people also serves an important role in the wider world. We work to free trapped souls so that they may pass on to the next world. It is a crucial task that the Dark Altar helps us to perform.47
Thank you for helping our people. Please accept these gifts, they are the least you deserve.26
It seems so. A short while ago I felt the power of the Dark Altar %USERNAME%rn to normal levels. I was safely able to stop my ritual and let the Altar work on its own again.1