Hello! I'm Lorelai. Welcome to the Warriors' Guild basement!1,386
I'm training this group of special Cyclopes to be stronger and more powerful for Kamfreena.1,282
Very well, I've unlocked the door but you'll still need 100 tokens from upstairs before you can enter as well as 10 for every minute you want to stay inside. Have fun in there!1,063
Your time is up, please make your way to the exit.896
You'll need to display your skills as a Warrior before I can allow you to enter the room.719
Bring me a Rune Defender and I shall unlock the door for you, this shows me you have dedicated enough time to fighting the Cyclops upstairs.717
Ahh I see you've met Rory. As a young Cyclops he's not ready for combat yet so he keeps me company.417
You've already proved yourself to me, the door is unlocked.371
They have a chance of dropping a new, more powerful defender. Kamfreena doesn't want just anyone getting their hands on one so she moved them down here and tasked me with training them.353
Yes, you have already proved yourself to me, the door is unlocked.242
Next time, please leave as soon as your time is up.238
With a punishing routine of combat, fighting and the odd death!216
Of course not, that would just be cruel! Kamfreena and I only allow the most worthy of adventurers to fight these cyclopes.215
Congratulations you've found a Dragon defender! You're welcome to go back inside and try to get more.178
I'm afraid you have not earned any tokens yet. Try some of the activities around the guild to earn some.144
See you around.68
You must keep your attack skillcape or max cape equipped to stay in the area.41
And the Wise Old Man is my Dad... come back when you have the Rune Defender!28
Of course! Here you go, you've earned %NUMBER% tokens!3