I remember when I was young. Our father would take me out into the woods, hunting.1,630
Lying was never one of them.1,629
That was where I truly discovered what it meant to be alive.1,388
Are you still loyal?1,322
Good. Deal with the rest of this. My sister and I have much to discuss.1,304
The constant fear. That knowledge that if you fail, your very life may well be over.1,271
Tell me, Vanescula. What is the cause of this latest betrayal? How is it I have displeased you this time?1,252
One day, he decided to bring my sister along. He felt it was time for her to develop her own taste for the hunt.1,224
Vanescula, please. This veil of lies is thinner than the humans you feast upon.1,220
That wasn't all, of course. There were so many things she excelled at. So many talents.1,195
And when you play your games of politics, you do not do so because you're smarter than me.1,176
You and your kind, you have spent your years engrossing yourself in culture, in aristocracy. Pretending to be something you're not.1,171
No. You do these things only because I allow it. Because your plots are so insignificant to me, that I do not even care to pay attention to them.1,168
Allow me to remind you.1,167
When you weave your words and make your schemes, you are not getting the better of me.1,154
I am Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan, ruler of Morytania and the lord of Vampyrium.1,145
But now Vanescula, now you have my attention. And now, you will be reminded what it means to cross the lord of Vampyrium.1,144
Vanescula, my dear sister. You disappoint me.1,143
And in that time, you have forgotten something.1,142
Now, the truth.1,137
But lying, Vanescula?1,131
But then at the same time, the thrill. The thrill of the chase. Of the conquest. Nothing can match it.1,117
She was a natural. A raw talent I had never seen before, and rarely since. I felt a unique pride that day.1,117