Don't trouble yourself further, Your Highness, you've already done so much!11,317
%NUMBER%% of people approve of you.1,118
Who are you again?187
Good day, Your Royal Highness.185
I'm cutting down maple trees for their wood. It's a living.155
Don't trouble yourself further, Sir, you've already done so much!125
Thank you, Your Royal Highness.70
You hadn't heard about it, your Royal Highness? Etceterian soldiers came and demanded tithes from us.66
You're the only person we give any of our goods to, so we refused, and found the next day that some of our goods had been stolen.54
Don't trouble yourself further, Madam, you've already done so much!49
Hey! These are the King's trees. You'll need his approval to make use of them.9
You managed to carry all those crates?2
Those Etceterian soldiers?1
Let me guess: the ones who failed the trials for years?1
My sister in Rellekka wrote to me about them.1
So, do you have my crates?1