Whilst we were falling, Sergeant Garkor noticed a large populated atoll to our west. You cannot see it from here, but it is within sailing distance.761
I will not take orders from you.761
Yes. The winds drove us into the treetops, which destroyed the canvas of our gliders. We dragged what remained of the gliders out onto this beach.759
And I have orders from the Sergeant to stay here.759
Let me begin at the beginning, human.756
I am indeed -754
Who are you two?753
What business do you have here?752
I might be. Do you have any way to prove that you are who you say are?750
I see. Sorry for my distrust.722
Garkor will not be pleased!635
That is correct, Commander.632
We spent time gathering enough wood to fashion two boats. The Sergeant took the rest of the 10th squad in the larger of the boats to explore the island and to search for potential glider launch sites.566
We were one gnome to a glider, so each was extremely light. Like leaves in a wind, we were blown south before we even landed on that island.562
We were on our way to decommission Glough's old ship building facilities in eastern Karamja, as you probably know. However, we obviously chose the wrong season to fly.552
I am under direct orders to remain here.390
As you wish.289
I suppose it is. Sorry for my distrust.26