Look - a newcomer. I'd say let me be the first to welcome you to Ape Atoll, but I see you've already met the welcoming party...919
We've secured the crash site, you've proven that you can handle yourself against these demonic gorillas, so feel free to head down to the cavern whenever you like.464
Wow. I swear we've seen him 5 times already.455
Well, you can try picking the lock on your door. Watch out for the guards though.425
Hello - Who are you?411
Well we're certainly missing home, I'll give you that.409
Oh, not for too long ... The jail guards keep us entertained every now and then too.407
So human, what can we do for you?393
To be fair human, you're not much help stuck in there.358
Do your best to ignore him...357
We've been trying to pick ours but we haven't been able to do so yet.345
Isn't that right Bunkdo?335
Good work dealing with those abominations, %USERNAME%, you should talk to the commander.331
Your backside??326
Oh yeah. Trefaji and Aberab - they're as dense as bricks. They do give mighty punches though.323
Now, now lads, watch your language. You'll have to excuse them, human, they're only soldiers!312
Wow. I swear we've seen her 5 times already.284
And another one ... eats the dirt.219
Those cheerleaders down the Gnomeball pitch...216
You know, you should really try to avoid being captured.215
Carado - are you thinking what I'm thinking?215
Darn you, Carado - you always get the large jail cells.214
... and then the chicken said to the farmer: 'It was an aspirin!'213
We are indefatigable Gnomes...211
... and that completes our tour of the Jail of the Future. Please remember to use your conveniently located and totally pickable cell-door to exit.207
and B - I - N - G - O. I win!205
... and please remain prone until the room has come to a complete stop.202
... and that's how I saved Narnode from the fire- breathing gnome-eating lizard-dragon-king of Jool.202
Have we seen this one before?201
Hey guys, look who's here.197
Oh my god - he's been through here 10 times now.197
Have you noticed how they all look the same?194
Ouch. That must have hurt.191
You know, we could try and break out ourselves.185
Look at that Bunkdo, he almost looks like he's praying.128
Oh my god - she's been through here 10 times now.102
Do you ever look up at the stars at night and think about just how insignificant all of this is?95
Don't you ever get tired of, you know, wandering around?92
... a 'no' would have sufficed.91
Mmmmm hmmmm.87
The Prince Ali thing? We all shared a cell that time.85
Find yourself without no bones!85
You know - I've noticed something.84
No matter how many monkeys these people seem to kill, there are never any fewer of them...77
%USERNAME%, %USERNAME%, he's our man! If he can't do it, nobody can!72
Carado, they're gnomes!66
Yeah yeah, OK.64
Look at that Bunkdo, she almost looks like she's praying.64
What can I do for you, human?58
Don't just stand there, %USERNAME%, help us deal with these abominations!52
I'm beginning to lose count now.47
Twenty times! Give this kid an applause!45
Take that back!22
Simple: we got caught again.22
Yes. We are working undercover here. Isn't that right, guys?21
Fifty times a loser! I don't believe it!2
Not all of us were captured. If you have not done so, you should make contact with those of us who escaped.2
I am sure Sergeant Garkor is working on a way to get us out of here.2
One hundred times... It's just not real anymore.1
You're right. I know just the thing.1
No... not the..1
Good work dealing with those abominations, Plant Source, you should talk to the commander.1
Good work dealing with those abominations, Bingbong Btw, you should talk to the commander.1
Wow. Somebody with a Dragon Square Shield. I win this game too!1
Good work dealing with those abominations, YEMG- YAYI, you should talk to the commander.1
Good work dealing with those abominations, Chippy Alone, you should talk to the commander.1
Good work dealing with those abominations, Kim-Jong- Rek, you should talk to the commander.1