Hey it's the hero! Thank you so much for saving us from Gadderanks. And the town is looking lovely as well. You've done a great job!2
Oh, that's good to know.2
Oh, that's very kind of you!2
Hey there. How's it going?2
Hey there. So you're looking to clear out the cellar at the inn? How's it going?1
Oh well, I'm sure you can manage.1
Oh, my name's Luscion. I just help out around here, you know, looking for food and so on.1
Perhaps you'd consider fixing up the general store. Go and have a chat with Aurel if you want more details.1
Hello there. Thank you so much for all of your work so far. We all really appreciate it.1
Oh it's brilliant, but we could really do with somewhere to melt down the local ores. Maybe you could fix up the furnace?1
My name's Luscion. I do a bit of this, a bit of that. Just try to survive really, there's nothing much else we can do.1
Hey, we're all wondering what you put in that chest...1