Yes, you have demonstrated that you have some moderate skills as a farmer. Take these seeds, and do with them what you will.1,008
Please, do not bother me - I have problems to attend to.871
As you ask so nicely I will relate my problems to you, but I very much doubt that you may help me at all.852
Mother and I must pay a tithe of blood to the vampyres. Father would have protected us, but he is no longer with us, although his presence still walks among us in the fields. We pay with the blood of others.852
You must think it strange that a girl such as myself would choose to ply her trade in a place such as this, this darkest of lands.850
Sometimes I travel to market fairs in distant lands, and I use my feminine arts to lure young farmers back to this land; then the vampyres come for them and I see them no more.850
You say this, but you know nothing of my crimes. I cannot tell you all, but this much I will say - that being allowed to exist in this land is a privilege that must be paid for, and the cost is dear.848
You must pass a test first. These are no ordinary flowers, and no ordinary farmer can grow them. You must grow onions here in one of these patches, and when they are fully grown I will give you the seeds.847
Please - ask me no more. You said that you were looking for some orchid seeds? I do have some as a matter of fact, and you may as well have them because they do not grow well in this grim land.846
My mother, Alice, tends to our farming shop in yonder farmhouse, while I tend to this small allotment. Passing trade has quite literally died off in recent years, and with it our income.845
It is but the smallest of our worries. We get by, we survive, on the miserable harvests that I grow here. The price of our survival is what pains me, as it is a price I have paid with the souls of others.845
Speak to me when they are fully grown. You need not pick them for me, I will be able to assess your skills by simply watching you.840
That patch is already fully grown! I don't know what you want me to do with it!621
That looks like something that you can make normal compost out of. Fill up the compost bin with stuff like that, and you'll eventually have a bin full of compost.563
You don't have any seeds planted in that patch. Plant some and I might agree to look after it for you.434
That'll do nicely, sir. Leave it with me - I'll make sure that patch grows for you.337
That depends on whether I have it to sell. What is it that you're looking for?276
That looks like something that you can make supercompost out of. Fill up the compost bin with stuff like that, and you'll eventually have a bin full of supercompost.262
I would give you some orchid seeds, but I fear that you would not have the space to carry them.257
Plant cure, eh? I might have some put aside for myself. Tell you what, I'll sell you some plant cure for 25 coins if you like.170
I'm already looking after that patch for you.146
I need you to grow some onions in one of these vegetable patches, from seed until they are fully grown - then I will give you some orchid seeds.89
That'll do nicely, madam. Leave it with me - I'll make sure that patch grows for you.85
This feeling in my head - it is so strange - and it is a feeling I have felt before, although I cannot explain it. If you are trying to use some unnatural power over me, you have failed.54
I can't believe you're asking me to do that! I asked you to grow some onions for me, not for me to look after them for you! No, I won't look after them!53
That patch is dead - it's too late for me to do anything about it now.53
I want 10 curry leaves for that.41
I want 5 jangerberries for that.39
A rake, eh? I might have one spare... tell you what, I'll sell it to you for 15 coins if you like.28
I might - which patch were you thinking of?24
Why, yes I am. Why do you ask?16
That patch is diseased - you should cure it before asking me to be responsible for it!14
I want 2 sacks of cabbages for that.12
A bucket of compost, eh? I might have one spare... tell you what, I'll sell it to you for 35 coins if you like.11
I want 10 jute fibres for that.10
A seed dibber, eh? I might have one spare... tell you what, I'll sell it to you for 15 coins if you like.9
Yes, I agree - far too long.9
I want one sack of potatoes for that.9
A gardening trowel, eh? I might have one spare... tell you what, I'll sell it to you for 15 coins if you like.7
Eh, I suppose I can spare you a plant pot, but I'll want 40 coins for it.6
I would not talk so if I were you - I know a secret call that will bring the vampyres here right now, and then you may live only long enough to feel regret for your impertinence.5
A watering can, eh? I might have one spare... tell you what, I'll sell it to you for 25 coins if you like.5
I want 2 buckets of compost for that.5
I want one basket of apples for that.5
How can you ask such a thing? It's obvious! It's all you adventurers. Every time I get a crop planted, some adventurer comes along and digs it up and plants crops of their own, as if they owned my farming patch!5
It's really annoying! You should speak to your friends about their rude behaviour!5
Don't give me that! You're an adventurer, they're all adventurers. I bet you have some sort of secret guild and you gather there and say things like 'let's annoy the gardeners this week', don't you?5
Aha, so you admit it then! You should be ashamed of yourselves!5
Well I can tell by the look on your face that I'm not the first person you've asked. Why don't you tell me what you've heard from other members of the group so far?4
Did you ever consider that all those theories might be correct?4
I'll let you into a little secret that'll explain it all to you. In a word - fairies!4
I'm serious! 4
Well obviously it's the seasons. They all seem to be out- of-wack these days. Summer comes earlier and earlier each year, but then it simply rushes by!4
If you find out what is upsetting the seasons you'll find out what is causing the harvest to fail.4
No, sorry, but find that out and you'll get to the root of our problems.4
Think it through. There are fairies who control everything natural from the weather to the seasons.3
Well, I'm not wasting my time for free.3
I want one sack of onions for that.3
Don't just throw away your weeds after you've raked a patch - put them in a compost bin and make some compost.3
Yes, certainly. I'll help if I can. Which quest would you like help with?3
Surely if all of those things have been mentioned as catalysts to our problems it stands to reason that the fairies are actually the cause?2
If you want to grow fruit trees you could try a few places: Catherby, Brimhaven, Gnome Stronghold and the Farming Guild all have fruit tree patches.2
Supercompost is far better than normal compost, but more expensive to make. You need to rot the right type of item; show me an item, and I'll tell you if it's super- compostable or not.2
If you like, but I want 2 buckets of compost for that.2
If you want to make your own sacks and baskets you'll need to use the loom that's near the Farming shop in Falador. If you're a good enough craftsman, that is.2
Bittercap mushrooms can only be grown in a special patch in Morytania, near the Mort Myre swamp. There the ground is especially dank and suited to growing poisonous fungii.2
If you like, but I want 2 sacks of cabbages for that.1
Insects! That's what you can tell him! Insects! Stop the insects from eating so many of our crops and we'd get maximum yield, I tell you!1
You don't have to buy all your plantpots you know, you can make them yourself on a pottery wheel. If you're a good enough craftsman, that is.1
The only way to cure a bush or tree of disease is to prune away the diseased leaves with a pair of secateurs. For all other crops I would just apply some plant-cure.1
Applying compost to a patch will not only reduce the chance that your crops will get diseased, but you will also grow more crops to harvest.1
There is a special patch for growing Belladonna - I believe that it is somewhere near Draynor Manor, where the ground is a tad 'unblessed'.1
Ah, Martin sent you, why didn't you say so? I personally think that our problems are all down to the fact that we haven't had enough rain of late. It's plain to see - just look at the levels of the rivers.1
We need more rain. I don't suppose you can do anything about that?1
Well there you go then. Until you find out how to make it rain you're going to have a hard time solving our problems.1
Then begone simple fool and halt your churlish tongue. There are things about me that would leave you with nightmares for the rest of your life.1
You can put up to ten potatoes, cabbages or onions in vegetable sacks, although you can't have a mix in the same sack.1
You can fill plantpots with soil from any empty patch, if you have a gardening trowel.1
If you like, but I want 10 curry leaves for that.1
I don't think the crops ARE failing, now leave me alone, I have work to do.1
Vegetables, hops and flowers need constant watering - if you ignore my advice, you will sooner or later find yourself in possession of a dead farming patch.1