S'me cape.612
How much?580
Yip. No cost. What cape do you want a hood for?58
Mac. What's it to you?33
All the things other skillcapes do.32
You don't have that cape. Choose another.26
Yip. Show me the goods. I pay 80%.22
Get it dirty.21
Bath XP waste.20
None of yer bis'ness.9
Fine... Ajjat gave me unlimited teleports to his Warrior's guild and Kamfreena lets me fight her Cyclopes without needing those annoying tokens.8
Melee combat tutor added a ring of life function and the armour salesman at the Ranging guild added a magnet and undead chicken thing.8
Brother Jered attached a holy wrench and Wizard Sinina enchanted the cape so I can change me spellbook.8
Aubury attached all of the runecrafting tiaras, an estate agent sold me some teleports and one of the duel arena nurses made it give me faster hitpoints.8
Agility Arena guy with a Parrot pet made it lighter for me and Kaqemeex convinced the Nardah herbalist to make potions for me if I wear it and he attached a pestle and mortar, toos.8
Martin Thwait made the cape better for being sneaky and the Master Crafter added a teleport to his guild before Hickton attached some grapples and a crossbow.8
Ignatius Vulcan added a torch for lighting up caves and the Woodcutting tutor made it easier to find bird's nests and Martin the Master Farmer made it yield more herbs.8
Duradel convinced all Slayer masters to give me a chance at repeating an assignment and the Hunting Expert added some useful teleports, too.7
A dwarf gave it a chance to give me extra ores and another dwarf made it give more experience when making gold bars and the Master Chef stopped it from burning any food.7
So yeah all of that.7
That's XP waste.5
S'not enuff.3
Nah. Not got space.2
Show cape.1