Oh really? That would be great! I'll give you a small reward once we reach our destination.2,854
Ok, which route should we take?2,847
Many thanks for getting me safely to the Burgh de Rott. Here's your reward.2,138
Blimey! Looks like we're going to have to go back to Paterdomus. We can't get over that bridge!744
Well that's torn it... Looks like we can't get over this bog. We'll have to go back to Paterdomus.713
Hey...that's did a great job...I'll follow you.229
Whahay....that was great! 229
That's amazing! I'll have to do the same.223
Whahay! That was great! But we really should be heading off now.223
Hello friend. I wish to slay evil and avail them of their loot! Take me to Burgh de Rott!78
Can't you see I'm being attacked...62
But we really should be heading off now.61
When are we going to get to Burgh de Rott?47
Do you visit Burgh de Rott often? You seem to know the route well.47
Wh...what are those bubbles?47
Ah, so you want to give me some supplies, eh? Let me just open me backpack.44
This is scary!43
Ahhh, that would be a tentacle...43
Ahhh, two tentacles!43
This place is a bit grim. How can people live here?43
...three tentacles!42
I think I'm going to faint!40
We don't have all day to stand around chatting; let's press on. I have loot to get.37
Oh, I hate this trip, but it's better than the opulent life styles forced on us adventurer types. I'd much rather be up to my eyes in mud and having a good fight!36
Blimey! Look at that beast! You're gonna have to sort that thing out on your own!36
Sorry, I just can't carry any more!13
Thanks, I'll save this for later.9
Hmmm, it seems that you have a follower. I think it may get lost on this journey if it's left to wander on its own. Let's leave when your follower is safe.8
I think so? At least my heart knows courage and that should be sufficient for the meantime. I expect that when we get to Burgh de Rott, we'll be able to purchase suitable provisions.6
Er...well, I've not heard mention of that fact, but I have faith that Saradomin will provide the means to furnish me with suitable weapons when I reach Burgh de Rott.5
I trust that you will help us to avoid them. You are a guide after all, aren't you? Anyway, you look like you can handle yourself. I presume you've fought such creatures before and won? How hard can it be?5
Let's just say that I'm somewhat experienced and I'm happy to take on my fair share of enemies. You don't need to worry about that.3
I'm going down there to teach those vampyres a lesson or two. I've heard about the terrible conditions down there and I intend to put a stop to it.1