No, not from here. The use of my Lord Zamoraks magic in this land will draw too much attention to myself.1,802
I should be able to improve my stock of runes thanks to your assistance locating the essence site too, so feel free to stop by if you require any specific runes.1,737
Here you go.1,468
Ah! You have chosen some quite fantastic attire. Maybe you are not such a fool after all.1,325
Meet me in the wilderness where you spoke to me before, and right click to find the 'teleport' option.1,307
Well, the creatures there ARE particularly offensive...1,306
No, I mean they hunt and attack any visitors to their dimension on sight. This is not the danger however.1,290
No. Unfortunately the magic we have had to use to retain a portal to the abyss open and effective is derived from Lord Zamorak himself.1,279
Well, he has his occasional quirks. In this case it means that when you enter this dimension you will be 'skulled' and your prayer will be drained.1,270
Was there anything else you wanted?1,257
I trust you do not wish to have too lengthy a conversation in such a dangerous place.1,221
Ah, you again. What was it you wanted? The Wilderness is hardly the appropriate place for a conversation now, is it?979
Well? Have you managed to use my scrying orb to obtain the information yet?975
Meet me in Varrock's Chaos Temple. Here is not the place to talk.940
Indeed, a deal is always a deal.917
Excellent. Give it here, and I shall examine the findings. Speak to me in a small while.916
And so I have done. Read my research notes, they may enlighten you somewhat.915
My 'type'? Explain.905
Hmmm. Well, you may be right, the foolish Saradominists that own this pathetic city don't appreciate loyal Zamorakians, it is true.900
That is correct stranger. The mysteries of manufacturing Runes is a closely guarded secret of the Zamorakian brotherhood.895
WHAT? I... but... you...862
And there is an abundant supply of this 'essence' there you say?859
No. No, not at all.859
For many years there has been a struggle for power on this world. You may dispute the morality of each side as you wish, but the stalemate that exists between my Lord Zamorak858
Indeed. Amongst others. But you now tell me that the Saradominist Wizards have the capability to mass produce runes, I can only855
All I need from you is the spell that will teleport me to this essence mine. That should be sufficient for the armies of Zamorak to once more begin stockpiling magic for war.847
My primary research responsibility was not towards the manufacture of runes, this is true.847
Hmmm. Yes, yes I see. Very well then, you may still assist us in finding this mysterious essence mine.846
What? Then how do you access this location?845
I'll give you a scrying orb. I have cast a standard cypher spell upon it, so that it will absorb mystical energies that it is exposed to.844
This makes it somewhat more dangerous than other places you may be used to.839
I offer you three things as reward for your efforts on behalf of my Lord Zamorak;785
Your second gift is convenience. Here, you may take this pouch I discovered amidst my research. You will find it to have certain... interesting properties.708
As you wish. As a powerful magician, I could sense his aura once I had encountered him, and it definitely moved East of here when he left me.696
I am sorry I cannot be more specific, but that is all of the information I have to offer...696
Certainly. As I say, I have little information, but the cost was not too dear, was it?695
I cannot let you enter without full warning. Speak to me again in Varrock.675
I do indeed. My price for this information is 20 pieces of rune essence.663
Rather, I was investigating an error that occurred to one of our initiates in a routine teleportation experiment.661
Your final gift is that of movement. I will from now on offer you a teleport to the abyss whenever you should require it.655
Ah, you mean that accursed Solus!648
You are working for the Temple Knights, correct?647
I have little information, and would give it freely to make sure Solus is... disposed of... but unfortunately I am somewhat... financially distraught at the moment due to a recent... incident.640
Ah well, it was worth a try, but I did not seriously expect you to part with it.639
...Yes. He took a large degree of my research into various things as well, but my research is inside my mind and easily replaceable, the money I possessed was essential638
No... not as such. You know of the substance known as 'rune essence' yes?635
The first is knowledge. I offer you my collected research on the abyss. I also offer you 1000 points of experience in Runecrafting for your trouble.633
We occasionally manage to plunder small samples of this 'essence' and we have recently discovered these temples you speak of, but I have never heard of these talismans before, and I was certainly not aware that this 'essence'616
Tell me, this is important: You know of the ancient temples? You have been to a place where this 'rune essence' material is freely available?612
How did you get to such a place?604
conclude that they have been doing so secretly for some time now.600
and that pathetic meddling fool Saradomin has meant that our struggles have become more secretive. We exist in a 'cold war' if you will, each side fearful of letting the other gain too much power, and each side597
The important part is that you must teleport to the essence location from three entirely separate locations.596
equally fearful of entering into open warfare for fear of bringing our struggles to the attention of... other beings.596
substance is a heavily stockpiled resource at the Wizards Tower.593
This changes everything.591
Will you help me and my fellow Zamorakians to access this 'essence' mine? In return I will share with you the research we have gathered.584
Bring it with you and teleport to the rune essence location, and it will absorb the mechanics of the spell and allow us to reverse-engineer the magic behind it.584
I implore you adventurer, you may or may not agree with my aims, but you cannot allow such a one-sided shift in the balance of power to occur.582
Fortunate for both of us, I would say. As I say, read my research notes, it should all become clear.574
More than three may be helpful to us, but we need a minimum of three in order to triangulate the position of this essence mine.573
Here's the scrying orb. If you encounter any difficulties speak to me again.572
This is no place to talk! Meet me at the Varrock Chaos Temple!544
My colleague inside the abyss may be of help to you as well.540
My discovery was this 'abyssal' space, and as a side effect, as documented in the research notes I have given you, I discovered the existence of these 'temples' used to create runes.528
I already told you! Meet me in the Varrock Chaos Temple!477
No, don't deny it, I recognise the magical signature of your Communication Orb, a very nice piece of equipment indeed.472
I will tell you what I know in exchange for it, I believe such a device could be very useful to my research...465
Twenty parts of rune essence is my price for my information. You may take it or leave it...464
for my experimentation, and as I have no real skills to speak of, is not so easily replacable...454
A small number of those will allow me to create runes from them, which I may then sell and get myself back on my feet.451
An...archeological dig. Yeah, a dig.418
How dare you wear such disrespectful attire in this holy place? Remove them immediately if you wish to speak to me.310
Well...I suppose. See, we found this ancient altar, but it was pretty broken so the Z.M.I. sent some of its researchers to try and repair it.167
Pretty well - only one died. Still, they got it working...sort of. This ancient technology can be tricky.144
This one works, just not as you'd expect. You put pure essence in, but get random runes back. Some of them we don't even know how to craft!135
I don't think so. The mages don't like outsiders going in; they'll probably attack you. They only patrol the short path, though, so if you used the long path, through a tunnel near the entrance, you'd probably be safe.129
...Okay. I appreciate your enthusiasm for Lord Zamorak stranger, but what exactly was it that you wanted?105
I do not conduct business in this pathetic city. Speak to me in the wilderness if you desire to purchase runes from me.85
Stranger, I warn you I have a low tolerance for idiocy.71
Hey, I have something for you but you don't have any space for it!59
Now are you going to stand here all day annoying me, or was there something that you actually wanted?50
I don't speak to Saradominist filth.35
I assumed the task to be self-explanatory. What is it you wish to know?31
Then bring it here, fool!28
Ha Ha Ha! I think not stranger!28
I will not haggle with you on my price. 20 Rune essences, and not a single essence less.22
Be QUIET or be DEAD!15
I am slightly concerned about your capability for this mission, if you cannot even recall such a simple task...14
Pathetic Guthixian... Don't bother me.14
bring it to me I will be able to use it to further my own investigations.13
All I wish for you to do is to teleport to this 'rune essence' location from three different locations while carrying the scrying orb I gave you. It will collect the data as you teleport, and if you then12
That is correct.11
That is also correct.11
That is good to know. Is there something else you need clarifying?11
You do not have the free space for your reward. Go to the bank and free-up some space, I shall remain here until your return.7
...I see. Well, in the future, do not waste my time, or you will feel the wrath of Zamorak upon you.7
It is not a 'crystal ball thingy'. It is a precision made magical instrument called a scrying orb. Do you have some particular need for another one?4
Then no, no you may not have another one. One will be sufficient for the task at hand.4
What? Incompetent fool. Take this. And do not make me regret allying myself with you.4
That is good to hear, stranger. Bring me my orb back when you have successfully made those teleports.4
And don't call me 'boss'.4
No you haven't. You have it in your bank. Now get on with it!3
Come and speak to me again when you have some free space in your inventory.3
Who dares...3
Oh no.3
Oh no, no, no...3
Please don't kill me...3
I have no riches, I am but a magical researcher...3
I... I don't know w-what you want Solus, but whatever it is, please, just t-take it and leave, please...3
My b-brains?3
I... I don't understand...3
My... r-research?3
I c-cannot let you have my research, it is being done in order to assist my lord Zamorak...3
No... I...3
I meant no disrespect Solus, please do not kill me...3
Take it, take it all!3
No you haven't. I can see that you have it there in your backpack. Now quit your foolishness and get on with the task in hand!1
I hope that sets your conscience at rest.1
Excellent. Was there anything else?1
Well now, I can certainly understand that attitude. Let me assure you of this; from what you tell me, you have discovered a way of gaining these 'essence stones' quickly and efficiently, yet it sounds as though your1
method of reaching the temples which are used to bind these essences is random and counter-productive.1
I, on the other hand, have information on quickly accessing these temples, yet my methods of procuring this 'essence' are time consuming and useless as a means of mass production.1
I think you can see for yourself how this may benefit both of us; You allow me the knowledge of finding plentiful essence, and I will in return show you the secret of these1
Was there anything else?1
As you wish, stranger. I will achieve my goals elsewhere.1