Do you know Osman? Are you a friend of Al Kharid?900
If you are who you say, tell me where the prince was being kept.899
Okay, will do.896
Fair enough. Who helped you find the prince?866
You're not Kaleef!842
Who? I mean what?837
Curse you, Osman! I'm so sick of this posting; I just want to go home.831
No, I hardly knew him. He was meant to tell me how to get out of Menaphos; now that he's dead, I'm stuck here.827
How could we do that?827
What's going on, Osman? It feels like the ground is shaking.795
Sorry I doubted you. Bring Osman here and I'll tell the Sophanites to return.793
Just make sure he comes down in person. Don't let him send another one of his people; you saw what happened to the last one.786
There definitely is something going on!722
You're not Kaleef.56
Never mind.53
Have you brought Osman?48
You'll have to do better than that to convince me.44
I'll talk to Osman first, then I'll look after the Sophanites.39
You are obviously an imposter; you answered both questions incorrectly.9