There you go. As fresh as it gets.1,336
Come and speak to me again when you have managed to kill Dessous.1,287
Ah, the wandering hero returns! I take it you have dispatched poor old Dessous for me?1,188
Do not take that tone of voice with me, meat. You should be thankful I have allowed you your life.1,185
As ancient and weak as Dessous is, he is still more than a match for the likes of you.1,056
Well, my plan would be as follows. First, take a silver bar to the man living in the sewers in Draynor. He was an assistant to Count Draynor in some of his...1,055
Ah, you have a healthy sense of paranoia, I see. It is not a particularly unfair request on my part...1,034
Interesting... Well perhaps we can come to a little... arrangement, human.1,033
What I know? Hah! After you have been alive for as long as I, the things I know are enough to fill a library.1,030
A human, eh? Give me one good reason why I should not just take you to Lord Drakan now.987
Here, take your precious little bauble.919
Yes, you. Your bearing suggests you are not one of the usual peasants, and your stench suggests you are not one of these filthy wolfen folk.913
You had better make it a good one too, or you will not survive the night, I'll wager.910
Lord Drakan.875
Hmmm? You know very well that your tithe is due, Roavar.865
I will take that silver pot from you as well, humans are not meant to possess such artefacts. Now get out of my sight, our deal is complete, and if I see you here again I will not hesitate to take you to852
He will be extremely pleased to meet the murderer of poor Dessous, I suspect.846
That is, assuming you were to fight him fairly.816
I'm afraid you will need to be a little more specific.781
When he is dead, you may take the diamond from his corpse and do with it what you will. I have no interest in such baubles.755
I may have information that may assist you, but you in turn will have to do something for me. What do you say? Do you think we could come to some form of744
This is just my suggestion of course, you may ignore it if you wish, although I offer no guarantees of your ability to defeat him otherwise.738
Then take that pot to Entrana, and get it blessed by the Head Monk. This will lend the pot some holy power.737
more interesting experiments many years past. Tell him you need a sacrificial offering pot. He will know what you speak of, it is a unique type of container used in various ancient vampiric ceremonies.733
Use that pot of blood upon Dessous' tomb, and he will be unable to resist rising and drinking from it.733
The current owner of this diamond is named Dessous.729
All I ask is that you ensure that the current owner of the diamond is killed. For my part, I will let you know his whereabouts, and how exactly to kill him.720
I am here to collect it this time.719
If you then bring that silver pot back to me, I will provide you with some fresh blood, to put into it. To that pot of blood, you will add some crushed garlic, and some spice to disguise the smell.702
So what say you? A life for a diamond. As a mark of good faith, I will give you some information free:699
Was there anything else you wanted?692
The combination of garlic, silver, and blessings from Saradomin will act upon him as a poison, and allow you to kill him.686
fit to take on the duty myself this time.673
My proposal would be for you to even the odds up a little bit...671
Indeed it is Roavar, but I cannot find that incompetent fool. And assuming you are not the one who wishes to tell Lord Drakan that his tithe has not been collected, I saw667
So you have the tithe ready for me?665
Hmmm. Well, for your sake you had better hope that indeed it is.658
You there!651
Then again... perhaps this was not a total waste of my time after all.650
The mood I am in for having to come to this wolfen cesspit means any shortfall is coming from you directly.642
Come here, I would like to know what you are doing in these lands.640
As you wish. Come and see me when you have managed to kill Dessous.587
He currently resides in a graveyard to the South-East of here. You will not be able to move the gravestone which he lies beneath however, you will need to find some way to359
Well, he is a vampyre, so fresh blood would almost certainly entice him out.343
lure him out from his tomb.306
However, even though he is a frail and decrepit example of our species, he will be able to kill a weakling human such as yourself extremely easily. Having him in a bloodlust as he does so, will not make276
your job any easier.269
That is an impertinent question to demand from myself.230
Good, we understand each other then. We will both benefit from the death of Dessous.223
However, if it will help seal our deal, I will let you know some of the details.202
As you may or may not know, myself and my blood kin are the rulers of this land, all serving under Lord Drakan. However, we tend not to die of old age or similar201
Unnatural causes of death involved. Let us just say, that Dessous is in control of some land that I myself would like some say in, and that it is not in my interest to be seen to be responsible for the197
natural causes, which means that to gain another Lords title or land, there often need to be...196
It would however be extremely advantageous to myself should some random human adventurer take it upon themself to remove this rival for me... Do you understand?196
death of a fellow Lord.191
Be lucky I have let you live, meat. Our deal is done, I wish no further dealing with you.156
Away from me, dog. I have business to discuss with the barkeep.117
Why are you still here? I notice Dessous still lives.82
A human, eh? Don't think that silly little ring of yours will fool me. Give me one good reason why I should not just take you to Lord Drakan now.69
Back for something, human? I notice Dessous still lives.31
Take a silver bar to the man in the Draynor sewers. He will fashion a ritualistic pot for you, which you should then take to Entrana and get blessed.22
Hah! Most entertaining, human!20
When you have done that, come back here and speak to me, I will provide you with some fresh blood which you will then crush some garlic into, and then add some spices to hide the garlic.19
Now tell me the reason you are here, or we shall soon see who will be killing whom.18
In this way, you will be able to lure him from his tomb and he should be sufficiently weakened to be vulnerable to your attacks.16
Here, take your precious little bauble. Now get out of my sight, our deal is complete, and if I see you here again I will not hesitate to take you to Lord Drakan.16
Come and see me when you have prepared a silver ritual pot in the manner I have told you.15
I see. You are a moron. You have probably settled right in with the rest of the idiots in this pathetic excuse for a village.11
I will ensure that you get some fresh blood that you may taint with garlic and spices, to lure our Dessous.10
Unfortunately for you, that is not a good enough reason to explain your presence here.10
Now tell me the reason for your coming here, or I will ensure you suffer a horrible fate indeed.9
I see. I would perhaps be more inclined to believe you if I could not smell the death blood of his brother Draynor upon you.6
What are your real intentions here?5
Hmmm? Oh, your precious little bauble? You may have it if you free up some inventory space, but I warn you not to use that tone of voice with me5
again, meat.5
Please. Do not think that I am so vain and foolish as to allow you to avoid my question with such obvious sycophancy.5
Now tell me the reason behind your being here, or I will ensure that you suffer.5
Do not take that tone of voice with me, meat. Here, take your bauble. I have no use for it.2
Really? That is interesting, that you would want to give your life by trespassing in this land for such an unbelievable reason.1
Now speak, what is your purpose in coming here?1