Then you have found him. My name is Avan Fitzharmon.1,081
Ha! I suppose one of my worthless brothers has sent you on this quest then?1,080
My... my father wishes this? Then that is a different matter. I will let you have my crest shard, adventurer, but you must first do something for me.1,080
I thought I had found a solid lead on its whereabouts when I heard of a dwarf who is an expert on gold who goes by the name of 'Boot'.1,076
There is a certain lady I am trying to impress. As a man of noble birth, I can not give her just any old trinket to show my devotion. What I intend to give her,820
Unfortunately he has apparently returned to his home, somewhere in the mountains, and I have no idea how to find him.793
None of the gold around here is even remotely suitable in terms of quality. I have searched far and wide for the perfect gold I desire, but have had no success so768
in finding it I am afraid. If you can find me my perfect gold, make a ring and necklace from it, and add rubies to them, I will761
gladly hand over my fragment of the family crest to you.760
not just any old gold will be suitable. I seek only the purest, the most high quality of gold - what I seek, if you will, is perfect gold.752
is a golden ring, embedded with the finest precious red stone available, and a necklace to match this ring. The problem however for me, is that738
Eeek! What is it?582
It's all very well the duke signing a peace treaty with those creatures. Maybe that'll stop them attacking us.576
A cave goblin? Well, there goes the neighbourhood!459
But for them to come wandering around the surface and mixing with decent people? I don't know, what's the world coming to?456
Oh, they may say they're civilised, but they're still goblins. You can't trust them. The only reason they're not a threat is that they're so stupid.432
She said she would return after the second fork.329
You can't eat jelly with a fork. Are you mad?316
Green tongue snakes.295
How can I help you?188
I'm fine, how are you?173
What? Can't you see I'm busy?108
An outsider! Can you get me out of this hell hole?102
Go away. People from the outside shut us in like animals. I have nothing to say to you.92
Who are you?86
Not too bad thanks.81
Get out of my way, I'm in a hurry!75
I'm very well thank you.74
Plague bringer!72
Yes. Part of the wall collapsed.68
Well that's a different question. No, I don't.67
No, I have nothing I wish to get rid of. If you want to do some trading, there are plenty of shops and market stalls around though.67
No. What happened in the cellar?64
I don't know. I just hope the rest of the castle isn't going to collapse!63
Not too bad, but I'm a little worried about the increase of goblins these days.59
Good heavens! You'd better find out what happened!57
Ah, a very noble profession.57
King Tyras is scum!57
Hello there! Nice weather we've been having.54
Good! I know we're safe in your hands.50
I'm sorry I can't help you there.46
I'm busy right now.43
I've heard there are many fearsome creatures that dwell under the ground...38
Quickly, tell me - is it still there?38
The THING, the THING! It was just outside my house! Has it gone away yet? Or is it still lurking out there, waiting for me to go outside?36
It's a good place to find gold...35
I'm a little worried - I've heard there's lots of people going about, killing citizens at random.35
Ohhhh, it was HORRIBLE! It was an enormous THING, with TEETH and EYES and... and... and THINGS!33
I can't. I only saw it in the dark.32
I was sleeping peacefully one night, when suddenly I woke up and saw it through the window. It was LOOKING at me! I haven't dared go out since then. It's had me trapped in here for days! I've packed my30
bags so I can escape, but the THING's still out there waiting for me to come out! If I have to stay in here much longer I'll go mad! MAD!! MAD!!!29
You want me to go outside?27
You want me to believe that it's not real?27
No! No! I know what you are! You're in league with the THING! It keeps sending people in here to trick me into going outside! They keep stealing from me too! GO AWAY!27
Get thee gone, trickster!27
Excuse me!24
Can't you see I'm on the toilet?23
Yeah. A toilet.22
Get over it.22
... whassup?22
... see... two of you... why there two of you?21
Do I know you? I'm in a hurry!20
I think we need a new king. The one we've got isn't very good.19
... no, two of you... you can't count... ... maybe you drunk too much...19
What are you doing in my house?19
You're exploring my house?18
... giant hairy cabbages...18
None of your business.17
But... why are you exploring in my house?17
... you are very strange...16
Yes, please go away now.15
Oh, I've got nothing against goblins in their own place. I just don't think they ought to be wandering around in our city and making the place look bad.14
It just makes me uncomfortable, is all. What if I was in bed and some horrible little goblin poked its head up through the floor?14
You better watch your back, Mourner!13
Just think of me next time you're in a dark alley! Because I'll be waiting for you.13
No I don't have any spare change.12
Why don't I have a 'Teleport Home to Lumbridge' button like everyone else?12
Yo, wassup!11
If you're into Mining, plenty! The dwarves have one of the largest mines in the world just under our feet. There's an entrance in the building just north-east of my house.11
Are you asking for a fight?11
You cave goblins... don't you, you know, eat people?11
If you'd rather enjoy yourself, there's the party room just north of here! Or you might like to climb up onto the city wall - you can get a good view of Falador from there.10
We don't have good days here anymore. Curse King Tyras.10
Keep away from me you dirty goblin!10
No, I don't want to buy anything!10
Good day, sir. What brings you to this end of town?9
Do you require any assistance?9
Pretty good. We might finally be able to make a life here now.9
Have this flier...9
Not great. The mourners might be gone but this city is still a long way from bring a nice place to live again.9
I don't know, what will be next? Cave goblins LIVING up here? Taking our jobs? I wouldn't want my daughter to marry a goblin!8
I've managed to find myself some work. Lots of repair work to do to get this city back up and running again.8
Molten lava! MOLTEN LAVA!7
Go away. You Mourners helped the people from the outside shut us in like animals. I have nothing to say to you.7
Not too bad. Things are starting to look up now that the mourners have gone.7
I'm good thanks. They're going to repair my roof soon, I can't remember the last time I had a roof.7
Oh! Well, that's all right then.7
I can't take the heat!6
That is classified information.6
His army curses our city with this plague then wanders off again, leaving us to clear up the pieces.6
What rudeness! This is why they say goblins have no manners!6
Goblins wandering around Lumbridge and talking to the duke like they're normal people? I don't know what the world's coming to.6
Too many monkeys - I can't stand it!6
The mourners are gone but things are still awful here. The new king has a lot of work to do if he ever wants to see this place flourish.6
I should have stayed in Port Sarim.5
Snakes! Snakes! Ohhhh, there are snakes!5
Good day to you. Nice weather we've been having.4
It stinks down here.4
Ah, I suppose someone has to do it.3
So... many... trees...3
I don't trust that fish monger.3
I'm a little worried I've heard there's lots of people going about, killing citizens at random.2
Lighting fires in an enclosed space is probably not a good idea. Oh well.2
Good day, madam. What brings you to this end of town?2
Sorry Sir, I'm in a hurry!2
I have nothing to say to you Mourner, go away!1
I'll leave this place one day. You'll see.1
Can't you just leave me alone.1
Not too bad. Glad that plague hasn't touched the better areas of town.1
I guess it's not all bad down here. At least we have a pub.1
Have you heard? Someone's planning a big party!1
Someone's put something very valuable into the party room drop chest! If you go to the party room and pull the lever you might have a chance to get it!1
It could be your lucky day!1