Answer this, please.1,528
Well done.1,526
Well done %USERNAME%. Here you go.1,350
Here, solve this.1,348
My name is Mandrith.1,039
I collect valuable resources and pawn off access to them to foolish adventurers, like yourself.802
It's all yours. All I ask is you pay the upfront fee.738
Yes. These walls will only hold them back for so long.683
Haha! For the right price, I won't deny any one access to my arena. Even if their intention is to kill you.659
My arena holds many treasures that I've acquired at great expense, adventurer. Their bounty can come at a price.641
You should take a look inside my arena. There's an abundance of valuable resources inside.627
One day, adventurer, I will boast ownership of a much larger, much more dangerous arena than this. Take advantage of this offer while it lasts.541
That doesn't look solved to me.30
Please make yourself some space, I have something for you.29