Ah, I see you have your keg of beer. Are we ready to drink against each other?1,366
As you wish outerlander; I will drink first, then you will drink.1,346
Another great victory for our people!1,203
And on that note, time for a drink! I want to see if %FREMENNIK_NAME% can still drink me under the table!1,201
Wassha? Guh? You drank that whole keg! But it dinna affect you at all! I conshede! You can probably outdrink me!783
I jusht can't (hic) believe it! Thatsh shome mighty fine drinking legs you got! Anyone who can drink like THAT getsh my vote atta consh.. counsh... gets my vote!781
Hello outerlander. I overheard your conversation with Brundt just now. You wish to become a member of the Fremennik?761
Do not let my drink-soused appearance fool you, I earnt my place on the council many years past. I am always glad to see new blood enter our tribe, and will happily vote for you.760
...Providing you can pass a little test for me. As a Fremennik, you will need to show cunning, stamina, fortitude, and an iron constitution. I know of only one way to test all of these.759
Why, a drinking contest!759
When you are ready to begin, go and pick up a keg from that table over there, and come back here.745
We start when you have your keg of beer with you, and finish when one of us can drink no more and yields.602
The task is simple enough! You versus me, a stiff drink each, last man standing wins the trial. So what say you?562
Come back if'n you fanshy a rematch! (hic) Jusht let me have a coffee firsht...547
I guessh I win then ouddaladder! (hic) Niche try, anyway!542
No, it is an artform. A drink such as this should be appreciated, and admired. It is like a fine painting, or a tasteful sculpture.337
...It is true! The legendary cocktail! I have waited for this day ever since I first started drinking!332
Here outerlander, you may take my token. I will happily give up my place at the longhalls table of champions just for a taste of this exquisite beverage!265
Beat me in a drinking contest! Grab a keg of beer from that table near the bar, and come back here with it.258
If what I hear is true, then all other drinks become like unpalatable water in comparison to this!256
As a matter of fact, I do. I have one right here. I earnt my place here at the longhall for surviving over 5000 battles and raiding parties.181
I think it sounds better than it actually is outerlander. I miss my glory days of combat on the battlefield. And to tell you the truth, the beer here isn't great, and the bards' music is lousy.180
That's all.179
Due to my contribution to the tribe, I am now permitted to spend my days here in the longhall listening to the epic tales of the bard, and drinking beer.155
I would happily give up my token if it were not for the one thing that keeps me here. Our barkeep is one of the best in the world, and has worked in taverns across the land.144
When she was younger, she experimented a lot with her drinks, and invented a cocktail so alcoholic and tasty that it has become something of a legend to all who enjoy a drink.143
Unfortunately, she decided that cocktails were not a suitable drink for Fremennik warriors, and vowed to never again make it.140
If you can persuade her to make me her legendary cocktail, I will be happy to never let another drop of alcohol pass my lips, and will give you my champions token.139
I have been here every day since she returned, hoping that someday she might change her mind and I might try this legendary cocktail for myself. Alas, it has never come to pass...135
Hey, %FREMENNIK_NAME%! Go buy your own beer! That keg belongs to me!113
Hey! It's %FREMENNIK_NAME%! Let me buy you a drink!107
Absholutely! (hic) You're one mighty drinker!94
There ya go! Anyone who can drink like you earns my respect!79
Hey outerlander! I don't take kindly to people coming here and stealing my beer!67
Thinking of cheating my test, outerlander? I don't think so! You drink that keg fairly, or not at all! Don't let me catch you cheating!31
Do not think me rude outerlander, but our customs forbid me talking to you. All contact with outerlanders must be vetted by our chieftain, Brundt.27
He is standing just over there. He will speak for the tribe.21
I have not the first idea about that.17
Uh... call it a crazy hunch, but did you even try asking Askeladden about that?11
Begone exile, before I call the Fremennik guards!10
Ah, but it was not just any drink... It was the finest cocktail ever created! Now that I have tasted it, I need never drink again, for my tastebuds will never be so excited!8
It was... exquisite!8
Mostly tomato juice.8
I'd try at the fish stalls if I were you.8
The chief would know about that.7
Want to line your stomach with some food or something, huh outerlander? Come back to me when you're ready to drink.7
Uh... yes, the longhall barkeep has it. So could you get me my drink now please?6
Leave now, before I get rid of you myself.5
Thorvald is pretty handy with a sword...5
Begone exile, you're no brother to me.5
I'm sorry, you are our sister no more. I cannot help you. Leave, before I must call the guards.5
Begone exile, you're no sister to me.4
Did you talk to the hunter?3
Leave exile, before I alert the guards.3
I'm sorry, you are our brother no more. I cannot help you. Leave, before I must call the guards.2
Did you try speaking to the bard?2
Did you try the clothes shop?2
Well, perhaps it's not, but it's my way. If you want my vote at the council, I'm afraid you're going to have to drink me under the table.1
As you wish, outerlander.1
Did you even ask the seer?1