They probably didn't notice the head-clashing bit. Too thick skulled!145
Their names were Jatizso and Neitiznot.138
Carry on dear.134
The smoke damage was atrocious, I had to replace my entire wardrobe.125
Bah! What they needed was a good clip round the ear.114
Hello, are you %FREMENNIK_NAME%?101
Welcome back, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. Do you have any questions?89
I am Maria Gunnars, Mord's wife.83
You should speak with my husband. He has been looking for you.70
I am Maria Gunnars.66
Hi, %FREMENNIK_NAME%, you should speak with Burgher Mawnis Burowgar in the main chambers. Do you have any questions?59
Let's set sail then.58
You should speak with my husband.53
I am Maria Gunnars. What can I do for you?48
I do not speak to outlanders.32
Maybe you should speak with Rellekka's Chieftain.32
Hello again, %FREMENNIK_NAME%, I hear you are to be appointed as the Burgher's Champion?22
Well you see, Mawnis Burowgar is a superstitious man. He lost a Champion, several years back. It was really embarrassing...12
If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.10
So you see, Mawnis won't use the term 'Champion' often, as he believes it brings bad luck.10
The Champion strapped so much armour to himself that he fell straight through the jetty on arrival here and didn't even meet the Burgher.9
Well Burgher Mawnis Burowgar is a gentle soul at heart. His kinsfolk are happy and content with their lot.8
My husband is a typical Fremennik, being both headstrong and brave.8
We fell in love when we were young, but as there was a war between our isles, we were ordered to stop seeing each other by our parents.8
This didn't stop Mord climbing the wailing tower, on his side of the channel between our isles, to sing to me every night.8
After Mord's voice broke, his singing voice was lost, but I still listened to his terrible sonnets each and every night.8
Until one night there was no singing! Then, far below me, I heard a gentle voice calling my name.8
Mord had stolen his father's boat to come and fetch me from my prison8
and from that day forth we have lived in Rellekka.8
Argumentative, short tempered; I am sure you know what I mean.7
The change happened when the trolls came and razed Neitiznot to the ground.7
Yes, well our tribes have been at war for nearly four generations now.7
Well a soft Burgher is better than a stupid King.7
Ne it iz not!6
Ahem, anyway, the islands are in a small volcanic archipelago north of here.6
Along with the main isles there are numerous small islands and a frozen northern island that was recently overrun by trolls.6
Only because Jatizso hogs all the wealth.6
Only because Jatizso hogs all the wealth!6
Ok dear!6
Where was I? Yup, that covers the layout of the islands.6
Anyway, there was a time when Burgher Burowgar was similar to King Sorvott.6
Anyway, the Burgher lost his wife and youngest son in the trolls' raid and has been a changed man since.6
Personally, I am much happier with the considerate Burgher we have now.6
To be honest with you, I do not keep up to date with all the goings on here now that I have a home in Rellekka.6
However, Neitiznot seems a happy place! The Burgher seems a wiser rule than King Sorvott, although I believe he is worried about the trolls at the moment. They seem to be a big threat.6
My husband does not speak of the inhabitants of the isle of Jatizso much.6
He has little positive to say about his parents, so he chooses not to speak of them in my presence. The only thing I've noticed is that everyone on that island seems very sad...6
King Sorvott IV follows in the footsteps of a line of kings who have reigned since Jatizso himself passed away. It is rumoured that the King has no heir and is seeking a bride to bear him children. Given his4
personality I'm not surprised he hasn't found a bride yet!4
Thanks, and good luck with the Burgher's tasks.3
Fare thee well.2
I'm not. Neitiznot does not consider you an exile, that's just the mainland.2
Welcome back Tondar, how was your time on Jatizso?1
I have been asked to ferry you to Neitiznot, as Burgher Mawnis Burowgar would like to make you an offer.1
Do you have any questions?1
Welcome to Neitiznot, Tondar; Mawnis Burowgar lives in the largest hut in the township.1
He is expecting you, so you should not keep him waiting for too long.1
Welcome to Neitiznot, Barlak; Mawnis Burowgar lives in the largest hut in the township.1