Aye? Who's that, what do you want?557
It's not 'ard mate, you just gotta chop that tree o'er there down.269
Then cut it down into a canoe. So simple a gobbo could do it.247
Well bless me axe, you're almost as good a woodchopper as meself! You'll have no issue craftin' the best of the best, the waka canoe.204
I got betta' things to do than waste my time talkin' to you.203
One of those beauties can take you up further in the Wilderness. Beautiful place that.197
Fine, wanna know more 'bout canoes?191
Then get out of here and stop botherin' me.48
Pah, I don't think so. You'll be lucky to make it past Varrock.17
Hmm, s'pose you could make a decent canoe with your skills. you'll be able to make a dugout, I reckons.6
Err, probably about two stops before it sinks on ya.5
Hahaha! Sorry mate, you'll not be able to make any canoes outta that tree there. You'll need to get a bit more skilled at the craft of Woodcuttin'.4
But once you get a bit betta', you'll be able to make a canoe and ride the river.3
But you got no chance of turning it into a beautiful canoe.3
I can tell by lookin' at ya! You ain't a woodcutter, most you'd be able to do is sail to the next stop on a log.2
Yawn. I'm too lazy to even bother answering you.1
Hey %USERNAME%, you finally got around to naming me.1