Well, you've got a nerve showing up around here again!978
You told me that you'd solved the problems of the Gardening Group's members, well I've planted loads of seeds since then and there's no doubt that even more plants are dying!978
Yah, sure, whatever. You know, I didn't believe you when you told me that story about 'the fairies' in the first place. You'd just better solve this problem, when people get hungry, they get angry and you're the975
Hello, %USERNAME%, you look familiar. Didn't I catch you going through my pockets not that long ago?955
I could have sworn ...953
What are you talking about?915
I'm glad to hear it, but if you don't mind I'll go and plant some seeds now and wait until they grow before I give you the reward that I promised.915
Great! I'll see you soon then.914
It all seemed to start about a month ago. I grow roses, you know?885
What? Oh sorry. 883
Sorry, Mister Lincoln's are the variety of roses that I specialise in. None of the plants showed any other symptoms of disease though. Then I noticed a reduced yield occurring in most of my other crops too.880
I'd like you to find out what is causing this terrible problem and to try and rectify whatever the problem is.870
I certainly could do with some help.867
If I were you I would start by speaking to some of the other gardeners.867
Hello again, %USERNAME%. How are you getting on with solving the Gardening Group's problems?829
Why is that?822
Hmm, that's an interesting idea. Now that I think about it that does make some sense. Yes, maybe you should talk to a fairy about it.822
No, sorry, but I did hear that there were some adventurers with a similar problem in the swamps near Lumbridge. Just don't mention my name if you talk to them, they're trying to keep it a secret, but everybody821
person who said that everything would be all right, so you're the person who they'll get angry with!756
Oh well, never mind. I have bigger problems to worry about right now.710
As I was saying about a month ago I noticed that the yield on my prize rose bushes had dropped slightly. I immediately suspected Crown Gall, a disease that can be fatal to a Mister Lincoln.637
I spoke to other gardeners that I know, and they had all noticed similar problems. 622
Of course, fellow farmer. If you wear this cape you'll receive increased yields from your herbs. That'll be 99000 coins.617
actually knows what they're up to.599
Vegetable patches are growing fewer vegetables, bushes are producing fewer berries and everything that is planted seems to be more prone to disease!591
That's true; us Master Farmers are a unique breed.580
I know I am. Depressing isn't it?578
Stop being so impatient, %USERNAME%. They'll grow in their own good time - come back later.442
You've done some farming, haven't you noticed a decrease in the amount of produce you are getting lately?434
If you were more interested in turning your hand to farming, you would have noticed it too.174
I can't chat now, I have too many things to worry about.107
This is a Skillcape of Farming, isn't it incredible? It's a symbol of my ability as the finest farmer in the land and wearing it increases my herb yield!96
Please hurry. Things are getting dire!79
Hello again, %USERNAME%. Our crops are still failing. Please do something fast, the food reserves are starting to fail. People will start to realise that there is an imminent food crisis soon!74
Have you spoken to any other members of the Gardening Group yet?49
Well please hurry, otherwise I won't be able to make enough produce to feed my 13 children soon.46
I'm not sure I can, but I guess I have to try.42
Hmm, right. You'll forgive me if I reserve judgement on this until I actually have some crops grow.42
Godfather...Fairy Nuff...the Queen, I don't know what you're talking about and I don't care. I just want my crops to start growing again. Come back and claim your reward once they've had a chance to grow.41
Yes, I've noticed that the seasons seem to be slightly confused, but that hasn't been a big enough change to affect the crops so badly. I'm afraid you should try a different branch of investigation to get to the root of26
What are you laughing at? These are serious problems!26
No skin off my teeth, but if you change your mind, the price will still be the same.26
That's not very observant of you.25
our problems.21
That banner is the emblem of the Group of Advanced Gardeners. We're a loosely affiliated group of gardeners that are united in our concern for declining vegetable production.21
Say, you're a brave adventurer, would you be interested in trying to get to the root of our woes? There would be a cash reward if you could help us.21
I'm so glad to hear that.20
Sorry, what was that?20
Most certainly, and free of charge!19
Hello again, %USERNAME%. Our crops are still failing. Please do something fast or we will all go out of business.12
I'm afraid that can't be the problem. It never rains on the farming patches, that's why we have to water the crops.4
Go chat to some other group members. Maybe somebody has a different idea.4
All right! All right! You're absolutely right! I never said there was a problem with anybody using my plots. Besides we get part of our income from watching crops for adventurers. I'm afraid that our problem is3
something totally different.3
Well, come back and see me when you do.3
Stop being so impatient, xPmzGQhXDaRF. They'll grow in their own good time - come back later.1
Unfortunately all Skillcapes are only available with a free hood, it's part of a skill promotion deal; buy one get one free, you know. So you'll need to free up some inventory space before I can sell you one.1
Good idea, but I spray my crops with insecticide every week. No, that's not the problem.1