Hello! What can I do for you today?25
I can! This is the quaint town of Gwenith. All those who have been granted access to the great crystal city of Prifddinas are welcome here.21
Ah... It is expected for an outsider like yourself to notice the mountain and wonder how we exist in its shadow.20
We leave the mountain alone and it lets us live peacefully, out of sight of any passing boats.19
Of course! At the very top of the mountain sits a ruin. Whatever calamity happened there; their ghosts remain.19
Yes. Explore at your own peril, %USERNAME%. There are those who have looked for answers from these mynydd spirits. They never return.19
Elsewhere? Indeed... As I said, %USERNAME%, explore at your own peril. Was there anything else you wanted?19
I'm the local wisdom, my dreams are those of prophecy. Would you care for a reading?16
It isn't my place to derive meaning. Allow my foretelling to guide your future but do not rely upon it happening all by itself. We are the arbiters of our own destiny.16
It's your choice to believe, not mine.16
You're most welcome, %USERNAME%.16
Was there anything else you wanted?16
I see peace and prosperity - The air is filled with wonderous bird song and the scent of earth and river.14
I'm Marwolaeth, bringer of prophecy.13
And it's great to meet you, %USERNAME%.13
Farewell, adventurer.12
I see a blinding light! A fire so big the heavens can see it; all those who look upon the great flame struggle to look away. 2