Hey newbie! I'm the Master Navigator - let's teach you how to get around.4
Ha. You've worked your way around to me, but this island is bigger than you think! I will show you by teaching you how to use the world map. First things first, you will need to open your world map.4
Well done, you have found your world map.4
The world map can show where you are in the world, as well as where other places are. You can find where you are by looking for the yellow X icon.4
You may have noticed all the icons on the map, these icons have a meaning behind each one. You can find out what the icon means by looking at the map key.4
Once opened, you will see a list of all the different icons on the map, as well as some text next to the icon telling you what the icon is. You can click on an icon in the key.4
Lastly, next to the key you will see there is a search bar. You can click on the search bar and type in a location. You can then press enter and the map will move to the specified location.4
You can find this in the top right side of the screen, look for the flashing globe icon.3
To open or close the map key you will have to click the scroll looking icon in the bottom left part of the map.3
Now you know the basics of the world map, I am going to task you with making your way to the Quest Guide. You can find him just north of here. Go out the door to the west and follow the path.3
Remember that your world map is just a larger version of your mininmap, with the difference that you can click on your minimap to navigate around. You will also see icons on your minimap as well, just like the world map.3
Every icon that is the same as the one you just selected, will start to flash.2