Hello, only the top fishers are allowed in here. You need a fishing level of 68 to enter.778
Hello, welcome to the fishing guild. Please feel free to make use of any of our facilities.462
I'm happy to say that being such a fine fisher yourself, I'm happy to offer you the opportunity to purchase a fine skillcape just like this one, it can even teleport you right inside the guild. Are you interested? It would cost212
Excellent! Wear that cape with pride my friend.202
99000 coins.186
Hello, I'm afraid only the top fishers are allowed to use our premier fishing facilities.85
I'm happy to, my friend. This beautiful cape was presented to me in recognition of my skills and experience as a fisherman and I was asked to be the head of this guild at the same time.56
As the best fisherman in the guild it is my duty to control who has access to the guild and to say who can buy similar skillcapes and the cape can even teleport you right inside the guild.51
Most certainly, and free of charge!19
Okay, suit yourself.3
Well, come back and see me when you do.1