Well met! Are you interested in hearing about the art of smithing?247
To be able to smith anything, you're going to need one of these beauties.120
Is there anything else you would like to know?71
There are many things you can make, from weapons to your good old fashioned armour.61
Weapons are the cheapest things to smith. They range from a measly one bar, all the way to three bars.57
Some weapons and armour, such as darts, will require you to have gained knowledge on how to smith them. This is due to the complex nature of the weapon.54
You might find that other items don't require conventional bars you would gather. Some may require you to piece blades back together or even infuse a crystal into a piece of armour.53
You might find it beneficial to keep a nice stack of bars in your bank before you start smithing. Unless you like to jump from task to task of course.53
As you get better you'll find you will be able to smith Mithril and eventually Adamantite and even Runite. This can be very lucrative but very expensive on the coal front.51
I see you already have a hammer. Nice one.49
Armour can be the costliest item to smith, the cost of each item ranges from a measly one bar all the way up to a whopping five bars.49
Is there anything else you want to know?47
Well, just come back any time you want to know anything!39
You're going to need to get your hand on some metal bars. You could do this by mining your own ores and smelting them at a furnace.38
It may be worth you stockpiling coal for a while before attempting these difficult metals or even sticking to good old reliable iron by the bucket load.33
If you want to stop yourself from failing to smith iron, I suggest purchasing some rings of forging. Be aware that they will break after a certain number of bars are smelted.30
There is a furnace located in Lumbridge, just north of the castle opposite the general store.26
If the number of bars is in orange, this means you do not have enough bars to smith the item. If it is in green, this means you have enough bars for the item.23
If you are looking for some ore, there is a mine east of Varrock. There you can find some copper and tin ore. Don't forget to bring a pickaxe.22
When you have your bars, bring them to an anvil to open the smithing interface. If the item name is in black, this means you do not have the level to smith the item.20
You can buy a Dwarven stout at the Rising Sun Inn in Falador.20
If the item name is in white, this means you do have the level to smith the item. You will see the bars required to smith the item underneath the name of the item.19
If you want to smith something that you may not have the level for, you could try gaining some temporary knowledge in smithing from a boost.19
If you want to save on coal, you could try smithing your bars over at the Blast Furnace in Keldagrim.18
If you are looking for a quest, you should talk to the squire in the courtyard of the white knight's castle. He is looking for a bit of help with something. I would recommend you be a little experienced with combat18
If you are looking for something more interesting to smith, you could talk to Otto Godblessed about smithing hastae.16
If you are looking for something more interesting to smith, you could talk to Otto Godblessed about smithing hastae. Though I don't think he will talk to you.11
To be able to smith anything, you're going to need a hammer.9
Hammers can be purchased in most general stores, or picked up for free in the Dwarven Mine.9
Though he may ask you to complete some tasks for him. You can find him south of the barbarian outpost and west of the whirlpool.9
You can save coal when smelting by using the Blast Furnace over in Keldagrim. But I doubt you will be granted access there, sorry.9
Cor blimey, I don't think there is anything I can teach you, but I'll do my best.2
Then there is always the darts....1
Speak to Irena down in the desert south of the Shantay pass, she can start you on an adventure that may have some rather rewarding knowledge for a smith.1