You haven't heard about that until now?551
Well, Miscellanian soldiers came and asked for tribute.401
It was a wonderful hat. Mithril-reinforced, you see, and with a special splitbark brim to keep the sun off.401
I'm surprised.400
When I told them to leave, they came back the next day and stole my hat!377
Could you please get it back for me?374
Kingdom? Etceteria is ruled by a Queen and we don't approve of you.14
Thank you.5
Thank you for finding my hat for me. Did you find everyone's belongings?4
You're more than welcome to it, for getting our belongings back.4
Could be better.4
There aren't many guards in it.3
We don't have an army, you see.3
Fairly pleasant, though it gets cold in the winter.3
Have you found the hat those Miscellanian soldiers took from me?2
96% of people approve of you.1
70% of people approve of you.1
100% of people approve of you.1
*sigh* Times are tough.1
Though they're getting better.1