We've got eight people now. Are you ready to summon Agrith-Naar and slay him?1,051
*gulp* Okay, here we go...1,045
Hello. Are you Josef's replacement?893
What do you get when you perform a summoning ritual backwards?875
Shh! Listen, Denath doesn't know this...840
Did you find that book?822
More likely the book has the correct incantation and the one Denath taught us was backwards. But what does that mean?783
Thank goodness! I think Denath is nearly ready for the ritual. We must prepare!779
I don't understand. What's in here that Denath thought was worth killing over? Josef must have worked something out - but what?776
Oh no!774
Did the golem see what happened to Josef?772
Denath was Agrith-Naar all along! We've just helped him return to his own dimension!747
Of course! How could we be so stupid?733
When we joined him, Denath told us we were going to learn all the secrets of demonic magic, but we still don't know anything.712
Who knows what Denath could do now?705
No, don't leave!705
We've got to perform the ritual again so you can kill Agrith-Naar. But we need eight people!704
Quick, %USERNAME%, you've got to get those three to come back! And you'd better take Denath's sigil and find one more person to help.688
Josef was more curious than me. Last night, he secretly read a book that Denath was keeping from us. He didn't know I was awake, but I saw what happened.661
But Denath was waking up, and when he saw Josef was gone he went through the portal to look for him. A bit later Denath returned, without Josef or the book.658
Josef must have hidden the book somewhere in the ruins, before Denath followed him. If you could find it, we'd know what it was that frightened him. We'd know what Denath is really up to!630
%USERNAME%, I'm not happy about this ritual. I don't think Agrith-Naar is going to grant all our wishes, I think he's going to kill us all. But if I try to stop it, Denath will kill me like he did Josef!628
I saw him read it, and then his face turned white, and he took the book and ran through the portal.619
Josef didn't have money for the magic carpet, and he can't have got far in the desert at night with that heavy book.617
But look at the incantation in the book. The words are in the reverse order to the order that Denath taught us.612
I knew Denath was a dark wizard but I didn't think he'd kill one of his disciples.609
The others, they just think they're terribly evil, with their sigils and the incantation they learned by rote. But Josef and I wanted more - we wanted to know how it worked.595
Let me look at the book then.582
We're ready to perform the ritual. We just need one more person!181
I found the book lying around. You must have dropped it!126
It just goes to show how little Denath values us.119
Denath told us we would learn the secrets of demonic magic, but all we've done is memorize one incantation. And now he replaces poor Josef with the next person who comes along!117
You'd better have it again. You'll need the incantation in the book in order to lead the ritual.106
No, we need to perform the ritual forwards, as it appears in the book!91
No, I think Jennifer has it.53
We've got to perform the ritual again, forwards this time, so you can kill Agrith-Naar. I'll prepare for it here while you find four more people.49
What are we waiting for? You must lead the ritual and kill Agrith-Naar! We're all counting on you!48
Are you prepared for the ritual? You must be ready to slay Agrith-Naar when he appears.47
Denath must have been Agrith-Naar all along!42
Ellemar's book said that Agrith-Naar can only use his powerful magics from the demon plane.36
So the reason he assembled us was to send him back to his own plane, where he would be much more powerful! That's why the ritual was backwards!36
But if we can perform the ritual forwards then you can kill him using Silverlight and end his evil magics once and for all!35
Ellemar must have trapped him in human form to stop him using his magics. That must be what the last pages of the book said.33
He's already started to close the portal to trap us. Who knows what else he could do?31
This is it! Get to your place in the circle and say the words!30
We'll be ready to perform the ritual soon, but you need to find two more people.30
I'm preparing for the ritual. You need to find three more people to help us perform it.24
I really want to know what's in it. I think Denath is hiding something from us, but we won't know what unless we read that book!12
We need to get everyone back in here! We need four more people to perform the ritual!11
Do hurry! We haven't got much time!4
Thank goodness! I will try to stall the ritual until you have Silverlight. Hurry!3
I'll keep hold of it till you have free inventory space.3