Hmm, yes... Hello!67
Oh umm, no and yes. I'm forever observing, you see.66
Oh, erm, birds! Yes, those feathery little flittery things.44
Do you though? The subtleties between different types of birds is quite incredible, you see-44
Ah yes, well, of course! I've travelled around this island and found the best spots for bird watching, I placed a ring of stones at these locations.43
Traps?! Preposterous! These fine exotic Birds are to be watched and not harmed in any way!42
You should not interfere with the birds, just watch, no feeding them anything! Not even seeds!41
Yes, well, perhaps a bit! There are new exotic birds everywhere on this island! I guess I'm getting a little over-excited.39
It's my fathers fault really, constantly talking about falconry...38
Umm, well of course, falcons ARE hunting birds, they mostly catch varying types of kebbits, it's rather mundane.37
...Oh, you're still here. What was that? Oh yes, bye for now!20