Uh...greetings %USERNAME%!1,076
Oh, I like to keep ahead of things.1,076
How did you know! I found the most awful thing in my sandpit - a head!1,076
You're very strange, but if it means I get rid of the horrid thing...1,076
Please leave me alone, a parrot stole my banana.46
Hello %USERNAME%, fine day today!44
Nice weather we're having today!42
Hello again %USERNAME%!10
I see you still have that head! Take it back to the Wizards in Yanille!9
Keep your hair on! You dropped it! Make sure you take it straight back to the wizards else you won't have a leg to stand on.6
It was you that came demanding the head to give to the wizard in the first place! Go back to Yanille with it!4
Or I would if you had any room in your bag!1