Oh, hello, you must be new here.1,005
Sure, got one here you can use.657
Oh... Sorry, we're not meant to talk to the nobles.86
They can't keep you in here forever because they have to tithe you, so once you've filled the cart, they let you go. Takes about fifteen loads to get the cart filled.73
We're mining for daeyalt. Don't rightly know what it does - we don't ask too many questions - but I've been doing it since I was a kid. The carts keep getting filled, and they keep going along the tracks. Goes to some45
Not myself, like, but other people I know of have seen it and they wouldn't lie!41
huge refinery place, it does - massive, like another city under the earth.39
We're miners, perhaps that might give you a clue! We're forced to mine for those stinking vyres. Once we've filled the cart, they sometimes let us go back to Meiyerditch, but then we get tithed. Don't know if I29
prefer it in here or out there!26
What, you can't tell from your surroundings that you're in a mine? You must have been hit hard on the head to not notice that.26
Oh, it looks like you don't have a spare inventory slot for it.5