What is it?3,349
Go away! I'm busy.1,792
Tell me what your problem is and I'll know then if I can.1,002
It wasn't me, I honestly swear.1,001
Well there is Traitorous Ali.996
Possibly the most untrustworthy backstabbing fiend to ever walk Tumeken's fair desert. He'd sell his mother to slavers if he hadn't already betrayed her and had her locked up for the last job he pulled.995
Positive, he was turned by the offer of a set of waterproofs and a ride on a camel.990
Well what can I say, he doesn't have that name for being loyal!986
Really? I knew they were cowards. Tell them that we have changed our minds and demand 10 camels in return for our mercy.512
What do you want?476
Well I suppose so.472
Those bandits would never agree to that. They're such bad thieves they couldn't afford to buy even the mangiest excuse of a camel, never mind the desert traversing four legged beauty that we would demand.468
I think our leader once mentioned that they robbed one of our camels. A heinous crime around here, worthy of a stoning.467
I cannot remember, as it's been going on for so long.464
Admittedly, we are far better than them at that sort of thing, but they did start the cycle.462
Not much to figure out there, the problem is those thieving bandits.461
They are always stealing, starting fights and causing disruption to the life of the people in this town.459
Traitor foul spawn of Icthlarin. A curse on you. I should never have trusted you.371
Ali, our Chief of Operations. He should be somewhere nearby the tent.107
I will avenge my master!91
One other thing, Ali wants to have a word with you.80
Tumeken be praised, you have seen the error of your ways. May Elidinis the river goddess bless your lands.50
If you need anything ask Ali the Operator. He's the brains behind the whole operation.44
Greetings Adventurer, Ali wants to have a word with you.29
Exactly, what do you want?17
I'm too busy for chitchat. Come back if you have some business to discuss with us.16
Well when you do, come back to me.14