Hello. You don't look like the usual rabble around here. What's your story?588
Ahh Safalaan. Interesting chap isn't he? Those eyes of his are a bit creepy.588
Yeah we saw them as well. Pretty hard to miss. We haven't seen them leave yet so I guess they're still inside.585
Well this place has quite a few windows. Maybe you could use one of them. They're all high up though so you'd need to climb to reach them.583
So what help do you need?468
Anyway, we might be able to help but it will need to be quick. We're just about to head into the Theatre. Compared to the citizens, we shouldn't have any issues in there.448
Aye that might work. Parts of the castle wall have been damaged, it shouldn't be too hard to climb.422
Yeah, what do you want?419
Guards!! Guards!128
We're getting ready to test our mettle in the Theatre. Most people go in alone but if we do it as a team, we should have no problem.89
Move along now, we've had enough of your sort!83
It's none of your business now get lost.36
Let's see how good you are with Desert Survival techniques.33
What are you looking at?32
Hello again. Did you manage to work out what Vanstrom and Ranis are up to?30
You might be able to spy on them through one of the windows. You'll need to climb to reach them though.28
Take that you infidel!23
Yeah, whatever!22
We're sick of having to kill every lunatic that comes along and insults the captain, it makes such a mess. Thankfully, he's a bit decrepit so he doesn't notice so please, buzz off and don't come here again.15
It's just a mining camp. Prisoners are sent here from Al-Kharid. They serve out their sentence by mining. Most prisoners will end their days here, surrounded by desert.15
You could say that... -- There is an awkward pause --15
But it wouldn't be very funny.15
Not really. The Captain won't let you in the compound. He's the only one who has the key to the gate. And if you talk to him, he'll probably just order us to kill you. Unless...15
Well, it certainly will help... -- The guard takes the five gold coins. -- Now then, what did you want to know?13
Well, it certainly will help!12
Now then, what did you want to know?12
-- The guard snorts. -- *Snort* Just about anyone who talks to him.12
Unless he has a use for you, he'll probably just order us to kill you. And it's such a horrible job cleaning up the mess afterwards.12
Huh? Them's your words, not mine.11
No, now get lost!11
Unless he has a use for you. He's been trying to track down someone called 'Al Zaba Bhasim'. You could offer to catch him and that might put you in his good books?10
Well, he could be anywhere. He's a nomadic desert dweller. However, they say that he's frequently to be found to the west in the hospitality of the tenti's.10
Well, we're not really sure what their proper name is. But they live in tents so we call them the 'Tenti's'.10
Well, to be honest. We think he's not exactly as brave as he makes out. But we have to follow his orders. If someone called him a coward, or managed to trick him into a one-on-one duel many of us bet that he'd be9
Like all cowards, he likes to be made to feel important. If anyone insults him outright, he just gets us to do his dirty work. However, if he thinks he's better than you, if you compliment him, he may feel that he can defeat9
you. And if he initiated a duel, all the men agreed that they wouldn't intervene. We think he'd be slaughtered in double quick time.9
Well, if you think you stand a chance, sure. But remember, if he gives us an order, we have to obey.9
Well, you've killed our Captain. I guess you've proved yourself in combat. But you've left a horrible mess now. And it's gonna cost you for us to clean it up. Let's say 20 gold and we won't have to get rough with you?9
Hmm, well, we get a lot of people in here. But not many women though... Saw one come in last week....9
But I don't know if it's the woman you're looking for?9
Well, if you have to know, we're making sure that no prisoners get out. -- The guard gives you a disapproving look. -- And to make sure that unauthorised people don't get in.8
Great, I'll take that bet.8
Well, I'm not sure, but by all accounts, he is a slippery fellow. The Captain has been trying to capture him for years. A bit of a waste of time if you ask me. Anyway, I have to get going, I do have work to do.8
-- The guard looks around nervously. -- You'd better go soon before the Captain orders us to kill you.7
Hand me a banknote, and I'll try to convert it to an item.6
Okay, if you win, you'll get 30 gold back. Anyway, I have to get going, I do have work to do. -- The guard walks off. --6
Get lost before I chop off your head!5
Good! Seeya, we have some cleaning to do.4
Prepare to die effendi!3
Well, I guess congratulations are in order.3
And we'll only charge the paltry sum of... erm...3
The guards starts to do some mental calculations. You can see his brow furrow and he starts to sweat profusely.3
20 gold for cleaning up the mess. You have won 10 Gold pieces! Well done..! Ha, ha, ha ha! -- The guards walk off chuckling to themselves. --3
Are you mad effendi? This is your last chance! Leave now and never come back or I'll introduce you to my friend.2
And we'll be pleased to clean the mess up after you've been dispatched.2
Hey, they're interesting clothes!2
You're no slave.2
What are you doing in here?2
Ok, if you win, you'll get 6 gold back. Anyway, I have to get going, I do have work to do. -- The guard walks off. --2
Don't try to fool me, you don't have five gold coins! Before you try to bribe someone, make sure you have the money effendi!2