Be off effendi, you are not wanted around here.1,813
Hmmm, oh yes, what can you do?1,738
You could bring me the head of Al Zaba Bhasim.1,698
He is the leader of the notorius desert bandits, they plague us daily. You should find them west of here. You should have no problem in finishing them all off. Do this for me and maybe I will consider helping you.1,258
Hmm, well yes, I did consider that you might not be right for the job. Be off with you then before I turn my men loose on you.1,235
Very well, if you're challenging me, let's get on with it!1,185
Oh yes and what might that be?545
Why, I've never been so insulted in all my days. Prepare to defend yourself wretch, I'll run you through myself!544
Good... run along then. You stand around flapping your tongue chatting like an insane camel.443
Ha, ha, ha! You come to a mining camp and offer us your mining skills! Thanks effendi, but we have all the miners we'll ever need.116
Now be off with you, before we reduce you to a bloody mess on the sand.109
Oh yes! How might you do that? You seem little more than a gutter dweller. How could you teach me manners?66
Hey, they're interesting clothes!55
You're no slave.55
What are you doing in here?55
How dare you talk to me like that! Explain your business quickly... or my guards will slay you where you stand.52
Move along now... we've had enough of your sort!50
I will not tolerate such insults.. Guards, kill him.45
Oh yes, ready your weapon then! I'm sure you won't mind if my men join in? Har, har, har! Guards, kill this gutter dwelling slime.39
Guards!! Guards!37
Effendi, I think you'll find that is the wisest decision you have made today.33
Let's see how good you are with Desert Survival techniques.33
Well, perhaps I can try a little harder. Guards, kill this infidel.30
For just one second, imagine that it's none of your business!28
Also imagine having your limbs pulled from your body one at a time.28
Now, what was the question again?27
We are not a charity effendi, Be off with you before I have your head removed from your body.20
Well, Effendi, you do need to be careful of what you say to people. Or they may take it the wrong way. Thankfully, I'm very understanding. I'll just let my guards deal with you.19
I will not tolerate such insults.. Guards, kill her.17
Why... you ignorant, rude and eternally damned infidel, -- The Captain is very angry at what you just said. -- Guards, kill this infidel!15
Guards, teach this desert weed some manners.13
Guards! Guards!3
Oi, what are you two doing?2
I heard that! So you used a key did you?!2
Right, we'll have that key off you!2
I heard that! So you managed to sneak in did you!1