Well done, young adventurer. You truly are a worthy knight.1,174
Ah yes... the Holy Grail...1,091
I believe there is a holy island somewhere not far away... I'm not entirely sure... I spent too long inside that crystal! Anyway, go and talk to someone over there.1,089
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!963
That is a powerful artefact indeed. Returning it here would help Camelot a lot.878
It's not fun being trapped in a giant crystal!839
He returned from the quest many years after everyone else. He seems to know something about it, but he can only speak about those experiences cryptically.767
Go speak to King Arthur, I'm sure he'll reward you!744
I suppose you could also try speaking to Sir Galahad?742
Due to its nature the Holy Grail is likely to reside in a holy place.715
Escape is only a short-term plan. We should discuss the long-term goals as well.619
Galahad now lives a life of religious contemplation. He lives somewhere west of McGrubor's Wood I think.561
During the battle at Camelot, Morgan cast a spell against me which appears to have stripped me of my powers. I must admit, the loss of my magic has left me befuddled, making it difficult to create a plan.560
Well, all great plans start with knowledge. Let me bring you up to speed with the situation. What do you want to know?552
Eh, is that so? Very clever. Now that you've found us, what is your plan, oh brilliant leader?551
Oh dear, did Morgan capture you too?549
I believe he's been taken to the headquarters of the Black Knights. I'm afraid I'm not well travelled on that side of the world, so I don't know its exact location. However, it's trickier than just finding Arthur. You'll507
Let me finish. I may have no idea, but a wizard friend of mine should. His name is Wizard Cromperty, and he's very experienced in freeing people from stone since he keeps teleporting them into it. Speak to him in East505
I have no idea.504
Excuse me for rushing off like this, but I must get back to my workroom.458
need to free him of the spell that turned him into a granite statue.415
Ardougne, he'll help you.391
When has that ever stopped an intrepid adventurer such as yourself?371
I think I could reclaim Camelot from the Sinclairs on my own.368
They don't know I've lost my magic. Besides, I've got a few tricks up my sleeves. For all their snobberies, they're still just spoiled brats. It shouldn't be difficult, but time is of the essence. I need you to break me out368
Often the most complicated things have the simplest answers. Try leaving through the door.366
No, that won't work. Better to break out of the jail with all of the Round Table Knights. Let them deal with the guards while you retrieve the Grail.363
Morgan always keeps things of power near her. So the Grail will be somewhere in Keep Le Faye. However, it will most likely be disguised and booby-trapped. Morgan has a thing about transmogrifying.357
Welcome, brave knight.335
of here quickly and quietly, so Morgan cannot alert them.294
Morgan Le Faye has been itching to get revenge upon Arthur and myself for some time. When she heard of the murder of old Sinclair, she learned she was not the only one with a vendetta against Camelot.281
As the final blow to our morale, Morgan turned Arthur into a granite statue before our very eyes. He was taken away by the Black Knights, for what purposes I know not.269
The Sinclairs have wanted to get their slimy hands on Camelot since their father's death. With Morgan's cunning and their riches, they make a formidable team. They bought the services of the Black Knights from231
The Sinclairs stole our home, but Morgan struck the greater blow by stealing the Holy Grail, Arthur's most prized possession.218
I would be more than happy to oblige. Are you sure?212
Lord Daquarius and overran Camelot. We were outnumbered and taken by surprise.205
You have chosen...sensibly.202
Well, after I climbed out the vent, I snuck aboard a passing trade ship that dropped me at Catherby. From there, I returned to Camelot and used the Sinclairs own secret entrance against them. I used some of my66
own inventions to create a great deal of chaos and drove them from the house. Then I made sure they returned to their mansion and told them if they ever stepped foot from it again, I'd turn them all into rabbits.58
Would you like to hear how I removed the Sinclairs from Camelot?58
Ah, Morgan's spell was not hard to break once I had access to my workshop. It's rather technical, so I won't bore you with the details.57
I have a piece of memorabilia from our last adventure for you.44
Certainly, if that is what you truly want. Are you sure?11
Greetings, %USERNAME%. It is good to see you. Have you done much training with the Round Table Knights? It would be wise to take advantage of the reward Arthur has given you.10
Well then, leave me to my business.9
Congratulations, brave knight, on aiding Camelot in so many ways! If we ever require help again, I will make sure to call upon you!4
I have done as you asked. Your presence will be missed here.4
But, alas, you have no space for it.3