Yo yo yo! You got me tiara yet?1,321
Sure, yeah, gimmie it yo.1,227
I ain't gat no amulet on me ed.1,213
Oh ah, is a replacmant for me lucky tiara, yeah?1,213
Ah, is bad, yeah? One o doews Suqah did nick it. Wish I ad it back, yeah.1,211
Well, mate, we don't av no leader, so I ain't gonna take ya to um. We auw av eqwuw right's un stuff, yeah? But if ya wont an intro go live it up wiv da Onerimancer.793
No man, SHE, is dead-wise yeah? She is responsible for initiation wituals an stuff.782
She angs out int souf east of ouw island.769
One o doews Suqah did nick it. Hunt em down. Like urry it up yeah?88
What are you doing here, Fremennik?!15
No you do not! Begone!13