Oh, how wonderful! I'm so grateful.740
Oh yes. Those are her little darlings. I shudder to think what she might do if something were to happen to any of them.735
Oh yes. Why, only last month one of them got out for a wander and some horrid farmer attacked it with his ear!732
Indeed! Tried to choke the poor thing with it. Anyway, my cousin went into a frightful rage and turned that wretched farmer into one of his own chickens. We had a lovely roast meal that day. Happy memories...730
Oh dear, I hope you're not coming down with something.728
Of course. The pendant means more to me than anything.728
Now, can I have the pendant please?515
Oh, yes please! It means so much to me. If you are able to find the pendant for me, I will let your dwarf friend go.442
Of course. You may have one of my spare keys.438
Well, no sooner had it touched the ground when all of a sudden a mouse ran out from a hole in the wall. It took my pendant in its teeth and disappeared back inside its hole.438
I was at my second-cousin's house just the other day when I suddenly dropped a very valuable pendant that I was wearing. The chain must have broken, you see.434
Hmmm...well I suppose there is something you can do for me that might make me change my mind.430
Ha! That won't matter to my cousin. She values her privacy above all else, you see.429
Now as I was saying, my second-cousin, twice-removed is coming to collect the dwarf. She will find out why he's been snooping around. She has most...persuasive methods.423
Miazrqa. With a silent Q.408
Yes, that's right. I'm waiting for him to be collected by someone.408
Ah! What nice manners. It's so hard to find decently mannered young people these days. My name is Princess Miazrqa.402
I don't really know. I know my cousin goes on about that piano a lot, but I've played on it many times and I can't figure out why she likes it so much.358
Why, yes! That was a very clever guess indeed! She's actually a very powerful witch. Now allow me to reward you in some way as I am feeling generous.354
As I'm sure you will believe, I was most upset as the pendant was a gift from my mother. I simply must get it back somehow.336
Very well. Good luck with finding my pendant.329
My second-cousin is always telling me that knowledge is power, so here is a bit of knowledge for you...302
Hey, what's that noise over there? Is someone there?264
As I said, my cousin is a witch but she is also a lover of music. She has a lovely gramophone and she keeps a piano in her basement - why? I have no idea - but you may find it interesting to examine.252
Excuse me. You can't go in there.136
Oh, hello.123
Who am I? Why, how impertinent! I am a princess and I will be spoken to like one. Now be off with you. I have no time for scruffy adventurers like yourself!116
My birth certificate. Now. how can I be of help?113
Really? You know, I have always wondered. She's ever so secretive and never tells me anything. I was hoping she might tell me when I saw her next.102
What?! Never! That's absolutely awful! How could she? Oh, that's just!102
It's quite hard to believe. Do you have any proof?102
Really? You may tell him that I will help him in any way I can.101
How horrid! Well, when I see her I will tell her exactly what I think. Thank you for telling me all this, %USERNAME%.98
No. You shouldn't guess answers like that. It's not very becoming. She is my second-cousin, twice removed and she is also a very powerful witch who could turn you into something nasty!58
If you must, but you are wasting time.58
Thanks again for finding my pendant. I felt so lost without it.54
I do believe that is none of your business, young scallyrumpit! Now kindly leave.49
It's not far to the west of here, in Taverley village. It has a beautiful long garden - you can't miss it!46
That was you? Oh, my cousin was absolutely furious when she found out about that! She went on about it for ages and even made her hair turn a quite ghastly green colour!46
Well I suggest you be extra careful when you look for my pendant then.46
Hey, what's that noise over there? Is someone there? Who's near my tower?45
Far, far.40
Well...yes. I suppose, but that doesn't mean it's not far, far away from somewhere else.40
I am the great niece of King Vallance himself.40
Yes, it is, isn't it? Now was there anything else?40
I am the daughter of a great and powerful king. In a land far, far away.39
It's a lovely gold pendant.37
Only to me really. It's not worth much and isn't magical, but it has a lot of sentimental value. It was my mother's pendant. She gave it to me on my tenth birthday.37
You there! Young scrub! Was that you making all that noise back there? Well? Speak up now.19
Well I distinctly heard voices at least! In any case, keep away from my tower.17
I am a princess. I don't have to be nice.17
Ha! This isn't a fairytale, you know. This is rea...well, it's life!17
Oh, hello there. I'm afraid I don't have time to talk right now. I'm rather busy. Come back some other time please.16
Don't be silly. You have one already in your bag. Goodness me, how ever will you find my pendant with a memory like that?16
Yes? Please make it quick, I am waiting for someone.15
Yes, and stay away from my dwar...uh...tower!14
You think so? Ha! Although you'd most likely remember if you had met this person. If you must know, I am waiting for a relative of mine to arrive.13
I suppose so.13
I see. How ghastly. Let me continue.13
You are a nosy young person! Well, if you must know, he's in there because I have caught him for someone.12
I am not at liberty to say. In any case, this dwarf was caught spying and snooping and that sort of thing is not taken lightly.12
No, I don't think so. I will be nicely rewarded for catching him.12
Hmm, well as you asked nicely. Ok then.12
No! Now please leave. You're annoying me!12
Of course. However, you don't have any space for it. Make some space and I'll give you one of my spare keys.4
Yes. And stay away from my tower!3
On your travels, if you should happen to meet a griffin, always remember that griffins love to hear of evil deeds and death and destruction. It reminds them of home, I guess.2
Don't worry, I am sure you will soon enough.2
How horrid! Well, when I see her I will tell her exactly what I think. Thank you for telling me all this, OG- Halomye.1
How horrid! Well, when I see her I will tell her exactly what I think. Thank you for telling me all this, The Lubo.1
I'm pretty sure I don't want that.1
I see. How utterly repulsive! Let me continue.1
How horrid! Well, when I see her I will tell her exactly what I think. Thank you for telling me all this, Iron Zainos.1
How horrid! Well, when I see her I will tell her exactly what I think. Thank you for telling me all this, lo- fi radio.1