Arr? Be ye wantin' te go on account with our gang o' fillibusters?131
The powder monkey be takin' a caulk after gettin' rowdy on bumboo, so there be plenty of room for ye.122
Wanna buy some clothes? Good quality, none of yer rags.24
It's to put your head through.3
Oh! It seems as if I must have slipped while cleaning it and put a bit of a hole in the front.3
Silly me.3
If I say yes will you buy it?3
Then no, I was not cleaning it with a blood-covered scimitar.3
Found em.3
Look, do you want in on this or not?2
You wanna buy it?2
Would you buy it if it was?2
If I couldn't would you still give me the money?2
Dunno. There are a load of islands out this way, and a lot of them have little bits and pieces like this scattered around.2
The way I see it, there must have been some people out here at one point, then they went away.2
Search me.2