-- The cart driver smirks a little. -- 1,139
Are you trying to get me fired?1,129
Ha ha ha! You're funny! -- The cart driver checks that guards aren't watching. -- What're you in fer?1,102
Ha ha ha, oh stop it!1,095
What can I do for you anyway?1,093
Oh, right..yes... yess, okay...1,044
Oh, right... Okay, you'd better jump in the cart then! Quickly!1,035
Don't trouble me, can't you see I'm busy?251
If you're going to bribe me, at least make it worth my while. Now, let's say 100 Gold pieces should we? Ha ha ha!23
It certainly sounds like it, now leave me alone. If you bug me again, I'm gonna call the guards.22
Ask that man over there if it's okay and I'll consider it! Ha ha ha!21
Can't you see I'm busy? Now get out of here!20
Okay, get in the back of the cart then!20
Sorry friend, I'm busy, go bug the guards, I'm sure they'll give ya the time of day.18
I'm quite capable thanks... Now get lost before I call the guards.14
Hurry up, get in the cart or I'll go without you!14
No way, and if you bug me again, I'm gonna call the guards.11
What! Can't you see I'm busy?11
Yeah, you too!8
Are you saying I don't know anything about carts?7
Why you cheeky little.... -- The cart driver seems mortally offended -- -- his temper explodes as he calls the guards.-- Guards! Guards!6
Hmm, well, I wonder what the guards are gonna say about that! Guards! Guards!2
Okay, fair enough! But don't bother me anymore.2
Hmmm, interesting... let me guess. You're completely innocent... like all the other inmates in here. Ha ha ha!1
As long as your friend is a barrel full of rocks. I don't think it would be a problem at all! Ha ha ha!1