Sorry, human, Percy doesn't want people going through there unless he trusts them personally.162
Exchuse me... I am lishning to my good friend.73
High hoe, high hoe!30
Exchuse me... I am trying to tell my verrry good friends 'bout my uncle's bushy beard.28
I've been here for two days straight. When I close my eyes I see rocks.25
My back is killing me!23
This place rocks!22
Gah! Trolls everywhere. There's no escape!19
Mine's going pretty well.14
Bah! Be quiet, pedant.13
Mine? get it?12
Suit yourself.11
I fear the outside. I fear the big light.11
I don't know, I've never thought about it. Ask my Dad, he taught me the song.10
Oh, I'd never thought of that.8
How very droll.7
Bah! I resist your attempts at jollity.5