Ah! Here you go!3,576
I need you to answer this for me.3,571
Please enter the answer to the question.3,498
Spot on!3,450
Don't trouble yourself further, Your Highness, you've already done so much!2,868
%NUMBER%% of people approve of you.604
Good day, Your Royal Highness.172
Who are you again?146
I'm mining coal. It's pretty tough going.123
Don't trouble yourself further, Sir, you've already done so much!76
Thank you, Your Royal Highness.45
How can that be? Go check again!44
You mean you don't know, your Royal Highness? Etceterian soldiers came and demanded tithes from us.36
Don't trouble yourself further, Madam, you've already done so much!32
You're the only person we give any of our goods to, so we refused, and found the next day that some of our goods had been stolen.31
Hey! These are the King's coal rocks. You'll need his approval to make use of them.10
The storerooms are full, your Highness. You should talk to Advisor Ghrim to collect what we've gathered for you.2