As you're already here, have a pick so that you can mine the rocks around me.40
You can also tell the ore you'll get from the colour of the rock.33
If you want to know what ore's in a rock before you mine it, right-click the rock and select prospect from the menu. It will take a little time, but you'll find out what's in the rock before you mine.33
To mine, simply click on the rock to mine it, while you've got a pickaxe with you.31
Oh yes, if you haven't already, speak to Doric who can be found around the anvils north of Falador. I'm sure he can help you out.27
As you already have a pick, you can mine the rocks around me.27
When you have a full inventory, take it to the bank. There's a bank on the roof of the castle in Lumbridge.26
Investigate the mining guild, the entrance to this is in the east of Falador down some steps. It could be most useful to you!15
You might also like to check out the coal mine west of Seers' village. This will enable you to use the coal trucks.7
I could show you where the mining guild is on your map if you like?6
I could show you where either of the places are on your map if you like?6
Ok then.. here goes....4
Be careful though, the bats in the mine will attack you.2
You can get different rocks in different places throughout the land, explore and find them.1