Oh look, a human!282
Not sure if I would call them our friends... Not enemies either, of course.245
Why, hello, yes, what is it?237
Of course, we love answering questions!227
And I'm Miodvetnir. These are my brothers. And who might you be?173
It's a human, you metal head! You should pay more attention!168
No problem!77
Hello again, %USERNAME%!77
Oh, you don't know?47
It is our glorious city!46
Say, is that Dondakan's rock?42
Oh, you're not going to get through there I'm afraid.40
What does it look like they're used for?37
He truly is a master builder.36
Eighteen years, Derni, and not a year shorter.35
So watch out if you ever do manage to travel to the city! Weird things could happen!35
And didn't you see Blasidar working on the statue?35
Quite right. Anything else you wanted, %USERNAME%?35
Keldagrim, our home!33
Molten snow, you see.32
We're far too busy.31
Say, you're the Fishing Champion aren't you?31
We haul all our goods to the city by ship, you see.30
No fish around here.30
Only fair if he wants to go into the city.27
But they're not all small! Some can be large!25
These mines are actually the territory of one of the eight major companies of the mining Consortium.22
That's amazing!21
But %USERNAME% could tell you all about it! After all, he's the Fishing Champion!18
That's quite impressive, %USERNAME%. How did you manage to do that?16
Tonight, of course, not now. We're on duty now.16
No, you're more of a ranger, aren't you %USERNAME%?15
I heard there's a vast amount of gold inside!15
A tale!13
Happy to.13
A terrible noise it made too!13
Right. Let's get back to work.11
Only fair if she wants to go into the city.11
I think we've heard it before.11
So, what's your tale like?9
The Consortium, you say?5
What do you need us for then?4
But %USERNAME% could tell you all about it! After all, she's the Fishing Champion!4
Oh dear!4
Now now, Derni, there was no need for that.3
How would that work?3
He was always obsessed with that rock.3
But then, what dwarf isn't?3
Sorry, doesn't ring a bell.1
No, you're more of a ranger, aren't you Leprechaun D?1
No, you're more of a ranger, aren't you machoman- 49?1
Well... have you tried a rune pickaxe?1
A bronze pickaxe??1
It's not as if it's particularly hard to get a bronze pickaxe.1