Hello, human. Can I help you?985
The network is for the citizens of Lovakengj only, though I'll let you use it if you help me first.953
The workers at the other stations got incorrect versions of the control scrolls, so they can't operate the minecarts. Please take these updated scrolls to them.945
That's one scroll each for the Arceuus station, the Shayzien station, the Hosidius station, the Piscarilius station and the Quidamortem station.943
Hmmm... We normally charge 50 coins per ride. For 100,000 coins, you'll never have to pay again.626
Can I do anything else for you, human?454
Thanks for delivering those control scrolls, human. What can I do for you today?248
No, you haven't unlocked any of the other stations yet.229
This is the principal station of the Lovakengj Minecart Network. Once it's running, our people will be able to travel rapidly all across the city.207
Some of my stations still require control scrolls.185
Minecart rides are 50 coins.133
The Arceuus station is just next to their Library, in the north of the town.105
I'm afraid none of the other stations are open, human.98
The Shayzien station is north of their Infirmaries, north east of the camp.88
Take it or leave it, human! You may enjoy being about to ride our carts without having to carry coins every time.82
The Quidamortem station is outside the city, far to the south-west, beyond the lizardmen territory.80
The Piscarilius station is south of the town, next to a small mine.80
The Hosidius station is north of the Woodcutting Guild, west of the saltpetre mines.77
Excuse me, human, but I do not believe you have business here.53
One of my stations still requires a control scroll.16
The network is for the citizens of Lovakengj only, though I'll let you use it if you help me first. Free up some inventory space if you're interested.10
No thanks, I don't want it back.9
Here you go, human.8
That's very nice, human, but put it away now.4