Oooh, my dear, have you heard the news?189
It's terrible, absolutely terrible! Those poor people!97
And who'd have ever thought such a sweet old gentleman would do such a thing?97
Oooh, my dear, had you not heard?64
Oh, you must quickly go and speak to the bank guard outside the bank. He'll tell you all about it, oooh, such a shock it was...64
Oh yes, my dear. It was terrible! TERRIBLE!31
But tell me - have you been around here before, or are you new to these parts?28
When he first moved here, he didn't bring much. From the window you could see he just had some old furniture and a few dusty ornaments.25
Also he always seemed so poor. When I went round to collect donations for the Draynor Manor Restoration Fund, he couldn't spare them a penny!25
Here, look at this picture:23
Well, just you look in there now!20
You see? It's full of jewellery and decorations! And all those expensive things appeared just after the bank got robbed.20
He changed his hat too - he used to wear a scruffy old black thing, but suddenly he was wearing that party hat!18
Oooh, my dear, I'm SURE of it! I went upstairs in his house once, while he was out walking, and do you know what I found?18
No, it was a telescope! It was pointing right at the bank! He was spying on the bankers, planning the big robbery!17
I bet if you go and look through it now, you'll find it's pointing somewhere different now he's finished with the bank.17
Oh, really? Well, do keep an eye on him - I just KNOW he's planning something...17
Ah, so you'd have seen the changes here. It's that old man in this house here. Do you know him?14
I, my dear, am a concerned citizen of Draynor Village. Ever since the Council allowed those farmers to set up their stalls here, we've had a constant flow of thieves and murderers through our fair village, and I decided12
that someone HAD to stand up and keep an eye on the situation.11
I also do voluntary work for the Draynor Manor Restoration Fund. We're campaigning to have Draynor Manor turned into a museum before the wet- rot destroys it completely.11
Aah, perhaps you missed the excitement. It's that old man in this house here. Do you know him?11