Do you seek guidance, traveller?54
You flesh-temples always assume you can receive guidance merely by asking someone for it. But in this land there is a power that can teach us far more than any mere teacher could.44
The Dark Altar can distort the dimensions, warping the fabric of reality as you perceive it, and even bridging the gap between life and death.44
I speak of the Dark Altar. For generations our wisest scholars have studied it, yet still it has capacities beyond our comprehension.43
Perhaps, if you allow the Dark Altar to work on your mind, one day you too will be able to ascend to our higher form.40
But you are still a flesh-temple; you require a corporeal body to house your soul, and you perform disgusting bodily functions to maintain it.38
We of Arceuus have learnt, through the power of the Dark Altar, to move beyond the need for such a flesh- temple to house our souls.38
You sound like the Saradominist peasants from Hosidius, always assuming they must serve one god above all others.37
While the gods are useful for tedious matters such as granting prayers during combat, we of Arceuus have long moved beyond the need to pay them homage.35
Saradomin is popular with many uneducated citizens of Kourend, but you may use our church to worship any god you prefer. That would be an ecumenical matter.34
In the crypt below us, we freed our souls from the flesh-temples that had imprisoned them, and we took the form you see now.34
I fear you are far from comprehending it. Now, is there anything I can do for you?32
Now, do you require anything of me?29
This is a place of meditation, where a novice may contemplate the mysteries of the Dark Altar - without venturing too close to its power.26
How disgusting - a flesh-temple that worships itself. Now, do you want anything?6