What is it?271
You didn't know about it?238
But in the morning, I found they'd stolen my quiver of arrows!155
Miscellanian soldiers came here a few days ago, saying they wanted us to pay tribute.154
Of course, I told them to leave.135
They're not very valuable arrows, but I need them to do my job. Could you get them back for me?133
%NUMBER%% of people approve of you.31
Kingdom? Etceteria is ruled by a Queen and we don't approve of you.18
Thank you for finding my arrows for me. Did you find everyone's belongings?14
You're more than welcome to it, for getting our belongings back.14
Fairly pleasant, though it gets cold in the winter.5
*sigh* Times are tough.4
Though they're getting better.4
Could be better.4
Thank you.3
There aren't many guards in it.2
We don't have an army, you see.2
Have you found the quiver of arrows those Miscellanian soldiers took from me?1