Greetings traveller.3,319
Have you brought the weapon for me?968
Good day to you adventurer, could you spare the time to help me?903
Our warriors are facing new and dangerous threats, we need a specially designed weapon to be victorious. If you could help by building one of these weapons you will help to ensure victory is ours.879
Yes yes, now pay attention. I need you to take a two handed sword, mithril should do, to Doric's place and grind it down to a slender blade. Once it's flexible enough you should be able to string it with a normal879
Honestly, they are with us, and they aren't zombies.878
What are you talking about? I just need you to make a delivery to Entrana for me. There's a special ceremony, which unfortunately I can't attend, and I wanted to give them a gift to mark the occasion.876
Ah excellent, this won't be forgotten. You've been a great help, though I wonder if you could do me one final favour.870
Not so fast, it's supposed to be a surprise so you'll need to sneak it onto the island. I hear there's some kind of 'other realm' or some such which you've got access to...870
Yes that's the one. Now take this orb and put it in one of the large pouches from there, don't want it getting damaged.870
Sort of, at any rate.654
bow string. Bring it back here when you're done.569
Only members of our order can go up there. You'll need to talk to Abbot Langley if you want to explore the monastery further.285
Excuse me...oh, wait, I thought you were someone else.241
And yourself.203
*hic* What a party! Wow!154
Would you like to receive a blessing?132
None of your business. Get lost.115
It's a foreign design, maybe later one of our warriors will show you how it's used.67
It's a foreign design, maybe later one of our warriors will show you how it's used. Speaking of which, may I have it please?63
You need to hurry or you'll miss the ceremony.58
So, have you dealt with this sort of problem before?50
Zombies! What ever will we do?45
I already told you. I'm not talking to you anymore.41
We like it that way actually! We get disturbed less. We still get rather a large amount of travellers looking for sanctuary and healing here as it is!41
I knew I should have been a bricklayer...40
I don't want to lose my brain!39
I was almost all the way through translating that book too...38
What if they get in while I'm asleep? Oh no!38
I suppose I should view this as a test of faith...38
Owww...Would y-you like to receive a...blessing?37
I knew you would save us! Bless you, my child!35
You'll need to talk to Abbot Langley about that. He's usually to be found walking the halls of the monastery.35
Your name will be forever listed amongst the virtuous!34
Oh, well that's okay then.32
May Saradomin's light shine upon you!30
Except the holy texts are light on plagues of zombie pirates.26
Saradomin smile upon you! You've saved us all!26
This is the worst hangover ever...and I didn't even get drunk!23
Ow, ow...those staples sting a little...22 least...oof...I'm back in the right body...19
Ah well, our lord is always gracious to those who help him, I'm sure you'd be fittingly rewarded.19
Well hurry along then.14
We offer sanctuary to those seeking the guidance of Saradomin.13
If Saradomin's not good enough for you, those otherworldly freaks from Arceuus are probably your kind of people.13
They're always looking for hidden knowledge about souls and spirits, when any sensible person would just trust in Saradomin.13
Can't wait for the party!11
You what? Ah well, good thing I have a spare, be more careful this time.11
Thanks for the weapon, it won't be forgotten. You've been a great help, though I wonder if you could do me one final favour.9
No, we've looked for ages but haven't... Hey! Wait a minute! How did you know about that?8
...You tricked me. I'm not talking to you anymore.8
Ah well, come and see me if you change your mind.4
Sorry, no.4
Oh ho! Another one! I don't think they exist, but you'd probably ask the head monk about it. If anyone would know, he would!2
Anything else you wanted to know?2