Of course.816
Hello, are you %FREMENNIK_NAME% by any chance?814
Of course, I am Mord Gunnars, a humble ferryman.805
I come from an island north of here called Jatizso, while my wife Maria is from Neitiznot.604
The King of Jatizso has requested that I take you to him, as he has an important task for you.561
Well now, the history of the isles is a bloody tale. When told in its intended form it takes 9 days and 9 nights. However, I will give you the abridged version.188
Four generations ago there was a mighty king who ruled wisely and was loved by all.185
Ha! Our benevolent King Gjuki Sorvott IV.154
He had many sons, most of whom proved themselves in the usual Fremennik ways of fighting, sailing, drinking and so on.147
His youngest two sons, however, were a problem. Ever since they were old enough to hit one another they had bickered and fought.138
And so, the argument continued through to the third day, with the sounds of 'Jah! 'tis so!', 'Ne! It's not!' echoing over the field, becoming more hoarse as the darkness enveloped the brothers.137
Hey! Who's telling this story?137
Ahem. At the time it was customary for the Kings' sons to claim a prize from his treasury when they came of age.136
On the second day the old king, whose patience was exhausted, strode out onto the field and demanded to know who had claimed his prize.135
A mighty citadel was constructed to protect his land; then Jatizso set forth to explore his new kingdom.134
At the end of the third day, when the brothers lay unable to move, let alone stand, the King stood between them in shame.134
Each brother rallied support and strode out to confront the other on the field of battle to claim the same prize.133
Jatizso's ship limped through the frozen wastes, in need of repairs, fighting off pirates who thought them easy pickings.132
He is short-tempered, arrogant and cares little about anything except outdoing Neitiznot's Burgher.130
Can I finish the story without interruptions?127
Jatizso set sail with a band of loyal followers, sailing into the east, while Neitiznot went west.127
Determined to be master of all the land, Jatizso stood in front of the gates. He looked up and demanded that those within the stockade surrendered.126
Jatizso was horrified when his brother appeared on the battlements and cried 'This is my land! Go find yer own'. To which his brother replied 'No it's not!', throwing some rocks for good measure.125
They marched down and razed Neitiznot to the ground while Neitiznot's troops laid siege to Jatizso.123
Jatizso claimed the land and named it after himself.123
Is there anything I can do for you?122
Jatizso looked at his father and told him yes, it was his, to which the other called out 'No! It's not'.122
Quite recently a massive troll army seized one of the islands to the north, while our townships' militias were busy fighting one another.122
The brothers met on the field, limbs were bruised, bones were crushed and heads clashed.121
As punishment for their squabbling he banished his sons from his realm, ordering that neither should return until they had conquered lands of their own.121
Yes, dear.121
Anyway, a hasty sort of peace has been agreed until the trolls are dealt with.121
Anyway, long into the night they fought, until they stood alone, facing each other.120
At last a promising land was sighted, a land rich in minerals, deep fjords and sweeping mountains.120
The fighting between the towns has continued for generations with little sign of improvement.120
With a mighty cheer Jatizso and his men marched on the island. Upon reaching the island, however, they discovered a wooden stockade.119
And so the blood feud continued.119
Jatizso ventured far into uncharted oceans, his crew dwindling as the trials of sailing and sea monsters took them.118
Crossing a few fjords, Jatizso spied an island which remained green and fertile, even at such latitude.117
But you can still see the bitter rivalry as guards hurl insults between the towns.116
I'm surprised King Sorvott wishes to talk to you. Don't expect much in the way of gratitude.113
Hail the conquering hero!93
I do not speak to outlanders.47
Maybe you should speak with Rellekka's Chieftain.43
I guess I won't be getting paid for finding you then.37
Hi, %FREMENNIK_NAME%, you should speak with King Sorvott in the main chambers.21
What do you think you're wearing, %FREMENNIK_NAME%?19
Is that so? I've half a mind not to let you on the boat wearing that outfit. All those bells will scare the fish and maybe even attract pirates.17
Designed to subtly blend into the background, no doubt?16
The chambers have the town's banner erected outside.16
Ha! Our benevolent King Gjuki Sorvott IV. He doesn't have much of an opinion about anyone, apart from his cousin Mawnis who rules the other Island. He hates him with a passion that can occasionally be quite scary.8
You might be able to talk to him if you help out around Jatizso. Don't expect much in the way of gratitude though.8
Jatizso is a small Fremennik town, which is far less closed to the world than other Fremennik tribes.6
We maintain trade links with many powers in the world and have moved beyond some traditions to take advantage of modern advances.6
We do, however, continue to 'enlighten' our neighbours in Neitiznot. Unfortunately, some of the Islands are infested with trolls.6
We should really be trying to deal with the trolls, but the King tends to get a bit preoccupied with his cousin, the Burgher of Neitiznot.6
Don't worry %FREMENNIK_NAME%, your exile does not cover the island of Jatizso. We still consider you a Fremennik.3
Oh, hello. Tax collector, huh? You're not going to tax me are you?1
Phew! In that case, can I do anything for you?1