What do you want?1,554
Yes, what of it?1,552
Oh great, just what I need.1,552
I'm not. He shan't be getting his slaves.1,552
If I didn't do something I'd have been dead anyway. Better a quick death at Desmodus' hands than a slow one due to starvation!1,552
Don't waste your time, you won't get them back.1,552
Because I sold them to Lord Alexei Jovkai, one of the most powerful vampyres in the city. He looks at you the same way you look at me. He'll never let you have them.1,552
Because I sold them to someone else.1,551
Why? Because I'm starving that's why! You lords and ladies probably haven't noticed yet, but you will soon enough. It's only a matter of time before you all run out of blood as well!1,551
He lives in the upper part of the city, but the slaves won't be there. He has a prison north of the Arboretum. That's where you'll find them.1,551
Why are you back again?21
They're not his slaves. They belong to Alexei Jovkai now. He'll be keeping them in his prison north of the Arboretum.21
I'm not interested in making small talk.7
Did you want something?5
Then why don't you get lost?5
Go away then.3
Human! Get back to the slave pens before I call the guards!2
Minding my own business. You should do the same.1