STOP! Please... spare my son.1,094
You have guessed correctly that I'm responsible for that.1,016
I suppose I can live with that fool Merlin being loose for the sake of my son.860
You will need to find a magic symbol as close to the crystal as you can find.790
This will summon a mighty spirit named Thrantax.757
You will need to bind him with magic words.751
You will then need to drop some bats' bones on the magic symbol while holding a lit black candle.748
Then you will need the sword Excalibur with which the spell was bound in order to shatter the crystal.746
Setting him free won't be easy though.727
I'm tired of this.500
Oh, they are quite safe. You'll be seeing them soon, although not Arthur. He's a bit...busy at the moment.499
I hear you have something of interest to me.494
The lady of the lake has it. I don't know if she'll give it to you though, she can be rather temperamental.432
You will find the magic words at the base of one of the chaos altars.349
Which chaos altar I cannot remember.330